In a world where talent and skills are abundant, how do you keep your team members on their toes? How do you overcome upskilling challenges and find solutions?

Empowering and equipping employees with the right skills and competencies has become more significant than ever in today’s world of work. Companies that made learning the cornerstone of success are winning. Agile learning is possible when companies consider building a learning culture. Just as the process of learning is unfathomable, accelerated changes in technology and the need for employee training have become inevitable.

Here are 10 creative ways to upskill employees and make them the most valuable resource in your organization


1. Introduce the Concept of Mentorship

When an employee gets the opportunity to choose a mentor for career development, achieving career goals become effortless. Mentorship programs help employees identify and develop their skills.

2. Invest in a Learning Management System

Invigorate the learning process by investing in a good learning management system that can systemize employee training and deliver interactive and inspiring learning sessions.

3. Deliver Blended Learning Sessions

Having control over our learning experience is indispensable for success. Blended learning sessions increase employee engagement and productivity tremendously.

4. Promote Virtual Learnings

With flexible schedules, virtual training sessions can help employees manage their time effectively. Through these sessions, employees can develop their skills from any part of the world. The cost-effective benefit that virtual training brings, enables companies to come up with innovative ways to keep their employees engaged and entrust employee growth.

5. Advance Self-Learning Programs

Learning has become a significant part of work-life, so employees are eager to master their skills. When employees have a sense of autonomy to upskill themselves at their pace, learning is the most enjoyable experience ever.

6. Pave the Way for Micro-Learnings

Time is of the essence, and you can vouch for it. We also know how short the attention span of humans is. To make learning quick and exciting and to upskill the employees just in time, micro-learning sessions go a long way.

7. Make Learning Rewarding with Gamification

A boost of dopamine is all that employees need to be motivated at work. Through gamified learning, employees are driven to learn more, increase their knowledge retention level, and improve employee efficiency.

8. Capitalize Mobile Learning Platforms

Another creative method to upskill employees is to introduce them to the learning management system on their mobiles. Mobile learning platforms also make remote learning possible, making it cost-effective and time-efficient for companies.

9. Explore Simulation-Based Learning

Experiential learning is one of the best learning styles, and simulation-based learning is making its mark in the realm of learning. Upskilling employees through a simulated environment allows them to make mistakes and learn from them.

10. Create Collaborative eLearning Experiences

Employees can learn faster and retain more when they team up with other employees. With the help of collaborative eLearning tools, companies can allow employees to come together and work towards upskilling each other to perform their tasks better.

Emtech takes all the employee upskilling challenges under its wing and provides companies with innovative digital learning solutions.

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