Managed Backup Service

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Managed Backup Service

The most important part of a backup and recovery strategy is managing backups after you create them. Backup management includes deleting obsolete backups and performing periodic checks to ensure that backups are available and usable. Backups can also be obsolete. An obsolete backup is, based on the currently configured retention policy, no longer needed to satisfy data recovery goals. In an organization, when it comes to a hardware failure, a natural disaster or one of your staff deletes a file and if you do not have a backup plan for your servers and applications, your entire business will come to a standstill. The Managed Backup service allows you to restore the servers and data quickly and in some cases in just a few minutes. Managed Backup solutions are usually delivered as a service. Organizations only pay a monthly fee and therefore have predictable costs, which eliminates the need of assigning the tasks to the organization’s IT staff.

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Benefits of Managed Backup Service

The top benefit of having managed backup service is that it usually runs on a high-performance architecture in high available data centers where the security of the data is a priority. Organization can protect and easily recover all the business-critical systems, physical, virtual and cloud. The other top benefit includes a reduced day-to-day operating cost which helps in saving you money in storage space, data transfer costs and server load.


Acronis managed backup solution protects any virtual, physical, and cloud environment plus, you have control over all aspects of your managed backup service from deployment and licensing, to branding and running your business via key integrations. In Multi-tenancy to support multiple customers.

Customers need to be able to backup Exchange, SQL, file servers, client PC’s, Mac’s and virtually any kind of computing device used for business today. Emtech provides solution that is worry-free, resolve daily notifications of failed backups and provides solution that is quickly to recover your data. Your options for backup are limitless with our expert solutions.

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