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Cloud Operations Center

With growing technologies and customer demands for finer, better, and seamless services, UAE has seen incredible growth in cloud installation in the recent past. The possibilities and opportunities brought about by cloud, a virtual infrastructure rendered over the internet or a unique network, have been so immense that business have already begun to migrate their IT applications, tools and other assets to the cloud.

This resulted in cloud management services in the world so as to keep it efficient, effective and all-supporting the needs of the business. However, managed cloud services come with its share of pains, challenges, and uncertainties—many businesses find automation, proactive mentoring and managing IT environs in cloud infrastructure are really demanding and challenging. While that may be the case, a business has to rely on cloud to leave their customers satisfied and delighted. This is where Emtech’s managed cloud services can help you with all the help you need. With our insight and expertise in the field, with our managed cloud services, you can take maximum advantage of the cloud and the possibilities that it offers. With our expert support and streamlined approach to cloud-managed services, you can take full advantage of the cloud and its capabilities just the way you would love.

As more and more IT systems are externalized, making sure you pick the right cloud providers has become critical to long-term operations. However, the available market is crowded, with a wide range of providers offering an even larger number of services. From market giants like Microsoft, Amazon and Google through to smaller niche players offering bespoke services.

// Cloud Operations Center

What do Emtech’s Managed Cloud Services Include?

Emtech offers comprehensive and value-adding managed cloud services fitting the needs of the clients. We understand that each of the clients that come to us has unique needs and wants us to help them in the most suitable way to their business. As a result, we render highly bespoke services that get the work done.

At Emtech, you can find the following managed cloud services

1. Centralized Applications and Network Management Solutions
2. Disaster Recovery Management Services
3. Comprehensive Virtualization Management Services
4. Automated Business Process Management Services
5. Mobile Application Support and Management
6. Round the Clock Security and Remote Services Management

No matter how extensive and challenging your cloud infrastructure is and what management support you need from us, we are capable of delivering the most effective, tailored managed cloud services to all our clients.

Our Managed Cloud Services Strategy for You

Emtech wants to cater to all the requirements of clients when it comes to managed cloud services no matter the size of their operations. Hence, we approach each of them with a unique strategy that fits their needs in order to help them manage their cloud services for maximum ROI and efficiency. Our managed cloud services strategy can help you realize three organization goals. In fact, our strategy has been developed to help business achieve them.

Self-Service Capabilities

Being capable of leveraging the potency of cloud infrastructure all by themselves is an important aspect of managing cloud services for an organization. That’s the why Emtech’s cloud management services provide the users with the capability to various cloud computing instances real time, monitor the costs involved in its operations and capably assess and allocate resources effectively.

Managing Workflow

Workflow management is one of the most crucial elements in taking full advantage of the capability of a cloud infrastructure. Emtech’s team can support and empower you to effectively do away with any human interference while performing the needed methods in both creating and managing cloud instances.

Cloud Analysis

With better analysis of a cloud infrastructure, a business can always effectively manage their cloud service with a breeze. Our support can offer you the platform and skills you need to proactively analyze important elements such as latency, workload, compliance requirements, downtime, and the like to bring your cloud infrastructure to help your business.

Why Emtech’s Managed Cloud Services are the Best

While one may be able to find a variety of managed cloud services providers, the following unique service propositions differentiate us from the rest; 1. Demonstrated experience of two decades in cloud technology 2. Expert and qualified engineers in diverse cloud technology verticals 3. Bespoke services that address the unique needs of the clients 4. Profound associations with leading global OEMs 5. Proactive customer support that works 24x7 6. Dedicated client account managers 7. Swift online ticketing system for challenge management

Take Our Managed Cloud Services and Empower Your Cloud Infrastructure

With our experienced and expert support, you can create the most effective cloud service management strategy. Emtech works hard to create management solutions for cloud that can set our clients on strategic paths for business growth and maximum ROIs. Our efforts to always work around even the most demanding of challenges for our businesses to create an exceptional tactical approach for cloud management have made us one of the most preferred managed cloud service providers in the market. With Emtech, you can now manage your cloud infrastructure hassle free for a growth-driven business environment.

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