Today, protecting data, security and compliance are a major concern for all businesses. Most of the endpoint’s systems like laptops, smartphones store important business data. A security breach to these devices can happen anytime. Traditional endpoint alone may not be able to provide total protection. This where a Managed IT service comes into picture.

Recently there has been a  next-level threat which has been able to successfully evade n-number of security solutions and masks itself as SolarWinds business software suite.

Your Firewall does not know what is happening in your Endpoint or what processes are running. So it cannot protect you from what it cannot see. You need both Perimeter Security and Endpoint Security

Your traditional signature-based solutions cannot protect you from advanced threats as they rely on being able to scan a file to identify its origin and categorize it as safe/unsafe. We are talking about threats which are file-less and run as processes from within the memory itself.

The era of cyber threats is evolving and the solutions that you rely on to protect you need to evolve accordingly. Otherwise, you expose yourself to threats which by the time you come to know about it, it’s too late to even do damage control.

What is Managed IT Service?

Simply put, Managed IT service is outsourcing an IT company to handle your all IT functions, allowing in-house IT to focus on more strategic IT programs and providing more capability to your company end-users. The goal is to either serve as an IT team for a company that has little or no internal capabilities or to support an experienced IT team by taking some of the day-to-day tasks off their plate.

Need of Managed Service

Managed service providers(MSP) quickly help protect your business from the security breaches and take necessary action. Not every business has the resources to effectively manage those tasks in-house. That is where outsourcing IT and utilizing a third party can come in to help.

Today, IT managers are under significant pressure to meet the performance, operational expectations, and security needs of the business all while trying to keep costs down. Switching to managed service is what a financial expert would suggest.

Your Managed IT Service Provider

In a world that moves faster every day, we need to be constantly evolving, that’s where MSP’s come in. Emtech is Digital Solutions & Integrated Service Management Organization. We use modern technology solutions to solve conventional business challenges. We strongly believe that long term success is achieved through mutual education and collaboration.

WEBA Technology Services is a fully owned subsidiary of EMTECH incorporated with a vision to provide Managed IT Service seamlessly for our customers . When you combine years of service excellence and innovation with the latest industry-defining technologies, you get the best solutions and services. So, when you can work with smart people, you’re learning each and every day. We empower organizations to operate more efficiently and effectively in today’s digital technology landscape.

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