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HCI Infrastructure

Hyper converged infrastructure also known as HCI is a next generation technology that combines compute, storage, networking, and management resources into a predefined all in one solution. This integrated solution uses software and x86 servers to replace expensive, purpose-built hardware. With hyperconverged infrastructure, you will decrease data center complexity and increase scalability. HCI infrastructures are usually made up of server systems equipped with Direct-Attached Storage (DAS). HCI includes the ability to plug and play into a data-center pool of like systems. All physical data-center resources reside on a single administrative platform for both hardware and software layers. Traditional three-tier architecture is expensive to build, complex to operate and difficult to scale. Do not wait on the IT infrastructure that can support your modern application demands. Adopt HCI without losing control, increasing costs, or compromising security.

// HCI Infrastructure

Benefits of HCI Infrastructure for Businesses

Digital transformation has become one of the defining initiatives for business and IT leaders. Hyper-convergence provides a fast-track path to digital transformation, letting IT leaders quickly exploit areas of the business that can benefit immediately from modernization. By upgrading to an HCI solution companies will be able to take on more customers for its payroll services, while scaling easily to support ever more demanding workloads. HCI can also accelerate development cycles and allow companies to be more agile in leveraging IT resources where and when they are needed.

Cisco Hyperflex

Cisco HyperFlex next-generation systems eliminate the compromises that hampered the previous generation of solutions. Engineered on Cisco Unified Computing Systems (Cisco UCS) technology, Cisco HyperFlex systems include rack and blade servers built with Intel® Xeon® processors, built-in networking, integrated management, and a high-performance and highly available data platform with preinstalled software. With Cisco HyperFlex systems, you have flexible pools of computing, network, and storage resources that are easy to deploy and maintain.

HPE SimpliVity

Simple, easy-to-scale and featuring built-in data protection, HPE SimpliVity is an ideal solution for your VDI needs. With HPE SimpliVity, simplify management, troubleshooting, and scaling. Centrally manage hundreds of global sites with a simple user interface experience, update software, hypervisor, and firmware in one click, predict and prevent issues before they happen with HPE InfoSight, rapidly deploy and scale to meet demand. HPE SimpliVity combines IT infrastructure, advanced data services, and AI-driven operations into a single, integrated hyperconverged solution at a fraction of traditional offerings costs.

Dell EMC VxRail

The Dell EMC VxRail simplifies deployment of virtualized applications. With faster deployment than a traditional infrastructure, VxRail allows you to leverage the continuous innovation of Dell EMC PowerEdge platforms and VMware vSAN to predictably evolve your VMware environment. VxRail Appliances deliver highly predictable performance across millions of configuration options to meet any HCI use case. With VxRail, modernize the data center, accelerate the path to hybrid cloud, and enable cloud native applications.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure is fast growing. Emtech knows the infrastructure landscape. Emtech has been a leader in the information technology industry for 25 years and have evolved as technologies have advanced from traditional to converged and hyperconverged infrastructure. Emtech provides Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions for Business Continuity which offer simplicity and agility for business continuity burst capacity and disaster recovery.

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