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Organizations often lack sufficient resources to deal with emerging threats from both a personnel and budget standpoint. Privileged Access Management refers to systems that securely manage the accounts of users who have elevated permissions to critical, corporate resources. Privileged user accounts are high value targets for cyber criminals. A criminal dealing in stolen credentials can make tens of thousands of dollars from buyers interested in purchasing them. And by selling those credentials to multiple buyers, organizations that experience a breach of credentials can easily be under digital assault from dozens or even hundreds of attackers. You can find the existence of privileged accounts on-premises and cloud. They can change settings for large groups of users and has elevated permissions to do so. Cyber criminals are more interested in stealing credentials for privileged accounts than any other type of account. Thus, they present a challenge for IT departments.

// Privileged Access Management

Benefits of Privileged Access Management

Having a PAM system can reduce the need for administrators to remember many passwords and avoid privileged users creating local/direct system passwords. Session management and alerts helps the super-admin identify potential attacks in real time. A PAM is a boon for privileged users. It allows them to login faster to the systems they need and relieves the cognitive burden of remembering many passwords. It also enables the superuser to easily manage privileged user access from one central location.

Emtech's PAM Solutions

Emtech helps organizations by providing secure privileged access to critical assets and meet compliance requirements by managing and monitoring privileged accounts and access. PAM has a critical role to play in securing your organization’s resources and data and is the gateway to an organization’s most valuable assets. Emtech implements strong privileged access controls that enable you to predefine commands, actions, and activities, create risk scores and easily pinpoint threats helps to dramatically simplify audit and compliance requirements and save time. Emtech uses best practices session, which allows for advanced oversight and control that can be used to better protect the environment against insider threats or potential external attacks, while also maintaining critical forensic information that is increasingly required for regulatory and compliance mandates.

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