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Cloud Managed Networking

Cloud-managed networking is a way of managing and controlling a business network remotely through resources in the cloud, rather than from onsite network controllers or management software. It uses a SaaS model to make it easy to control and analyze on-premises network devices, such as wireless access points and switches. With cloud management, thousands of switch ports can be configured and monitored instantly over the web. Without needing a physical connection between switches, you can remotely configure them for access devices, assign voice VLANs, control PoE, and more, with just a few simple clicks and without going at site. By managing your network through the cloud, you can provision remote sites, deploy network-wide configuration changes, and easily manage campus and distributed networks without any prior training.

// Cloud Managed Networking

Benefits of Cloud Managed Networking

With cloud-managed networking, administrators can see their entire network, regardless of location, gather real-time data for planning and troubleshooting purposes, and make configuration changes all from a single pane of glass. No management hardware or travel needed. The main advantages of cloud-managed networking is that the product and product update process is managed by the vendor. New features and functionality are continuously developed and automatically delivered, allowing IT to focus on introducing new services, instead of planning for downtime.

Cisco Meraki

The Cisco Meraki portfolio simplifies IT dramatically. Centralized management for WLAN, switching, security, EMM, and security cameras eliminates the complexity of traditional architectures, reduces operating costs, and creates business solutions. Cisco Meraki MS Switches feature integrated Layer 7 application and client fingerprinting and analysis to identify users, content, and applications on the network. This lets administrators see how network resources are spent by automatically identifying and reporting hundreds of applications. Each network flow is categorized, and access control policies are enforced to ensure your network is doing what it should.


Aruba’s Cloud-managed networking portfolio is designed to deliver the confidence needed to support today’s fast paced mobile first environments. Operations and assurance solutions include: Aruba Central: A unified cloud-native network operations and assurance platform;Aruba SD-Branch: A simplified, secure SD-WAN and branch operations solution and Aruba Device Insight: An intelligent, machine learning based solution for device discovery, profiling and visibility. Each of these solutions work individually and collectively to support Aruba’s full portfolio of indoor and outdoor access points (APs), switches and branch gateways.

Majority of enterprises expect at least half of their management infrastructure to be cloud-based. Cloud-managed networking is rapidly growing in popularity in the recent past. Organizations are shifting to cloud services for the agility and convenience they bring. Emtech can help your company take advantage of Cloud-managed networking. With Emtech, you get an enterprise-grade solution where users benefit, while freeing up your IT team to work on strategic projects that will drive your organization forward.

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