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Data storage refers to the use of recording media to retain data using computers or other devices. It also describes what type of, where, and how hardware or software holds, deletes, backs up, organizes, and secures information. Data is growing at an exponential rate. By 2025, the amount of information produced annually will be more than 200 zettabytes. As the volume of data increases, storing it securely and cost-effectively has become mission-critical for businesses of every size. Small businesses have access to the same storage options as bigger organizations. Before you start thinking to buy or upgrade any storage for your organization you need to take the few points into considerations such as Block Storage or object storage, Structured data or unstructured, Primary production data, Backup data Storage, Archival data Storage, Scale out NAS for video footage, Disk IOPS (RPM / SSD), Capacity and Scalability. There are lot of the options available for the aforesaid.

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Storage Solutions Benefits for Businesses

Data storage is a vital part of a successful organization. The insights gathered from user data is now a major tool for the decision-makers. Data and analytics can help a business predict consumer behavior, improve decision-making and market trends. As an organization grows, the need for enterprise data storage solutions also grows. It becomes even more challenging to ensure that your company’s data can be easily stored, accessed, and protected. Having a storage can easily support all your workloads without stretching your resources. Data becomes more accessible; you can access your data from anywhere on any system.

HP Storage

HPE Storage is easy to integrate, rapid to scale, simple to manage and high on safety. HPE’s Intelligent Data Storage Platform is set to deliver AI-driven, game-changing results. Manage and digitally transform your infrastructure and solve your most challenging problems by using artificial intelligence (AI). HPE InfoSight eliminates the pain of managing infrastructure. HPE GreenLake for Storage is the industry-leading storage. It is faster, with ready-to-ship configurations for mission-critical, business-critical, general-purpose and data protection needs.

Dell EMC Storage

Dell’s integrated storage services portfolio offers a full range of lifecycle storage service options from initial assessment to planning and design, incorporating tool-based methodologies and best practice to suit the needs of companies of all sizes.. With Dell EMC Storage you can protect your data across edge, core and cloud with next-generation data protection appliances and software defined solutions. Combining PowerEdge technology with Windows Storage Server 2016 for ready-to-deploy network-attached storage (NAS) appliances.

Fujitsu Storage

Fujitsu excels in "Business-Centric Storage" by synchronizing storage resources with business priorities whilst reducing TCO. Fujitsu has Software Defined Storage which can easily manage explosive data, it is designed for new age workloads and it has mutli cloud flexibility. Fujitsu’s Hyper-converged infrastructure can fast time production. It has easy scalability and built-in high availability. With Fujitsu’s storage backup you can have uninterrupted performance. Fujistsu storage has option of archiving the data which can help in data driven decision making, enhanced data longevity and regulatory compliance.

Storing information and managing its storage is critical to a company's behind-the-scenes success. Emtech provide you right assistance in designing, deploying and supporting any storage options for your business need. We help you to get the maximum return on your investment (ROI) by keeping the total cost of ownership (TCO) low.

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