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Cloud backup is a strategy for backing up the data by moving it to a managed service provider. There are many benefits of cloud backup such as reliability, scalability, file transfer security, reduce costs, and compliance safeguards. Managing the backup system is made easier and it’s a major benefit of using cloud. The ability to spin up new services without the time and effort associated with traditional IT procurement should mean that is easier to get going with new applications faster. Companies tend to have an illusion between cloud backup and cloud storage. Cloud storage is nothing but where you store your data in the cloud. Imagine that you need to get your data accessed after couple of years or what if your data was hacked and suddenly your data is no longer available. How would you get this resolved? This is where cloud backup comes into picture. Cloud backups may typically not involve using your own hardware such as a dedicated backup server with data protection software installed. It may involve third-party solutions that provide Backup-as-a-Service functionality.

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Benefits of Cloud Backups for Businesses

Using cloud services means companies can move faster on projects and test out concepts without lengthy procurement and big upfront costs, because firms only pay for the resources they consume. This concept of business agility is often mentioned by cloud advocates as a key benefit. Cloud backups are cost-effective, the market of cloud backup services is huge you can always find a solution that suits your environment for a reasonable price, based on your business needs and the volume of backup data.


Acronis provides effortless protection of all your data and devices for business and resell. Acronis saves you time when backing up and offers fast access when you need your files. Making cloud storage part of your backup strategy is about keeping your data safe and secure. Acronis Cloud meets that challenge by delivering cyber protection at every turn. There is no limit to the number of file versions stored and how long you can store file versions in Acronis. With Acronis, you can have automatic and manual backups to both the cloud and local destinations, and you can remotely manage backup plans through a central dashboard.


Veeam Backup delivers availability for all cloud, virtual and physical workloads. Through a single platform and management console, you will get simple, flexible, and reliable backup, recovery, and replication of all your applications and data to eliminate expensive, complicated legacy backup solutions forever. Veeam is fast, reliable, application‑aware, image‑based backups. It has unlimited capacity and cost savings for long‑term data retention on object storage. Veeam has built‑in intelligence to identify and help resolve common misconfigurations and backup problems.

If your current backup solution isn’t all it could be, then why not considering having a cloud backup? With Emtech you can easily customize your virtual environment to comply with any needs of your organization. Emtech has a decade of experience in providing right cloud backup solutions. You can always rely on Emtech’s cloud experts.

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