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EDR Solution

EDR Solution refers to Endpoint Detection and Response Solutions that record and collect endpoint data using rule based automates response and analysis capabilities. EDR provides enhanced visibility into your endpoints and allows for faster response time. EDR tools detect and protect your organization from advanced forms of malware. To protect the endpoints, and to prevent them from being used as entry points into your infrastructure, your IT-security teams should be looking to boost your existing defenses. EDR solutions have several unique features and benefits which conventional Antivirus programs do not deliver. EDR security solutions are more suitable for today’s businesses as the traditional Antivirus has become an archaic security tool in terms of guaranteeing complete security. One of the factors driving the EDR solution is the increased sophistication of cyberattacks, which often focus on endpoints as easier targets for infiltrating a network.

// EDR Solution

Benefits of EDR Solution

IT departments manages thousands of Endpoints. Managing these many endpoints is critical and hence easily opens the door for cyberattacks. Using multiple standalone security tools can complicate the threat detection and prevention process. A better approach is an integrated endpoint security solution. EDR solutions always come in multiple tools/layers. They feed intelligence into each other to successfully protect your organization from multiple angles. EDR allows you not to be dependent on platform constraints and be able to manage your environment wherever you or your teams are, at the time of your choosing.


Falcon Insight delivers continuous, comprehensive endpoint visibility that spans detection, response, and forensics to ensure nothing is missed and potential breaches are stopped. It automatically detects and intelligently prioritizes malicious and attacker activity. Its powerful response actions allow you to contain and investigate compromised systems, including on-the-fly remote access to take immediate action. Its smart prioritization automates triage and shows you what deserves attention first. It reduces cost and complexity when you eliminate constant signature updates, on-premises infrastructure, or complex integrations.

Emtech provides with the best and effective EDR Solutions. If the day comes where an adversary gets through network defenses, Our EDR solution comes with features which will promptly address the problem. We give the best industry level cybersecurity solution that defend your networks and information effectively.

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