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Network Operation Center

Emtech’s Network Operation Centre is 24/7/365 running which keeps services, databases, external services, firewalls, and network up and running and addressing any issues that arise. A NOC is often the first line of defence against any attacks or disruptions a company or enterprise might experience with their telecommunication networks.

// Network Operation Center

Benefits of having Emtech's Network Operation Center

Backup and Storage

With Emtech’s Network Operation center, companies can sleep safely at night because our function which backups the data that is on the network to make sure that it is accessible and safe if something disastrous happens.

Patch management

Software’s are continuously updated, and it’s can be challenging to keep a network up to date without assistance. Our Patch management features will allow a company to keep all their devices and software updated with the latest patches, without having to go through them individually.

Networks Troubleshoot

Emtech Network operation center always makes updating, troubleshooting, and installing software on systems connected to the network. We can set up appropriate settings to find issues within a network, update existing software, or install new software on old machines, or install all software on new equipment.

Firewall Support

At Emtech we help you shield your business from programmers’ assault and other Internet dangers. We go for maintaining your business smooth with no stress over verifying your information. We give firewall programming and equipment firewall to shield your information from any malicious assaults and startling emergencies. Get continuous protection for business-basic SaaS applications, including Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, Box and Dropbox. Identify Real-Time Threats. Plan Security Based on Real-World Conditions.

Network performance report

Emtech’s NOC can develop different types of reports to show a company how their network is performing, the health of the network, and the optimization of how their network is working.

Overall, Our Network operation center is designed to help companies with large networks keep track of their networks, without having to deal with every aspect manually individually. We have different features that companies can utilize to help keep their network secure from outside attacks, updated with the latest software and programs, and gather analysis about the overall health of their network system. A NOC will allow a company to have peace of mind that everything is running correctly and is appropriately being monitored to keep it that way.

Get peace of mind by allowing us to monitor your company networks!

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