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Premium AMC Support

Every company that takes advantage of IT and cloud infrastructure to run their business needs a proactive reliable and experienced Annual Maintenance Contract provider. While one may be able to find a variety of IT AMC providers in UAE, what makes us different from them all are the unique service propositions that we offer our clients. As we boast of highly experienced, skilled, and certified engineers and technicians across multiple technical domains, we can support any and all needs of various companies through annual maintenance contracts. As a client-centric support provider, our AMC service is capable of offering comprehensive and full coverage to diverse equipment pieces, servers, networking, backup, Wi-Fi, firewall, IPT, Virtualization, cloud and more.

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// Premium AMC Support

Emtech offers the following types of AMC support for our clients

1. Comprehensive AMC
2. Non-Comprehensive AMC
3. Quick Online Support
4. Cloud Support Center
5. 24/7 Critical On-site Support
6. Resident Engineer under AMC
7. L1, L2 and L3 IT Support

We have created these AMCs so that clients can get the most suitable and tailored AMC plan that can offer them with incredible value and returns on investments.

AMC Onboarding with Emtech for the First Time

When a client takes an AMC with us, we support them comprehensively throughout the years offering them with diverse types of help. After signing AMC with Emtech first time, we conduct a detailed study of customer complete IT infrastructure to fix all lingering issues once for all, apparently, we also recommend best practices. Preventive maintenance will be carried out every quarter and a detailed report will be shared with the customer regarding the details of issues and recommendations for them to look at the cases and action. Periodic review meeting will be conducted with Account manager to take support feedback from the customer as a part of continues improvement process.

Primary IT Support

When a client associates with Emtech for the first time, we carry out a full and comprehensive assessment of their IT and technical infrastructure to understand various issues, shortcomings and other lingering concerns that plague their technology infrastructure. Once we take care of all the issues of the client, we also provide them with effective practices and guidelines to ensure that their IT infrastructure performs and continues to perform as intended by the client.

Preventive Maintenance

As per the requirements, every quarter, we carry our preventive maintenance of the IT systems and infrastructure of the client to identify any issues. Once the same is done, we will also provide the clients with a detailed report of the findings, the analysis, and the guidelines to fix the issues that were identified, as well. This will support the client learn about the issues and the remedies they need to address not only the current concern but also the ones in the future.

Periodic Reviews

Emtech looks to constantly improve the services and AMC support that we offer. Hence, we always try to learn about the experience that the clients have with us. Thus, we carry out periodic review meetings with the account manager to learn about the kind of experience and feedback from the client so as to improve our service support for our clients. This approach has greatly helped us render high value-adding AMC services to our clients, at all times.


Emtech understands that every business wants to grow and they work incessantly for the same. As a result, we offer them with scalable IT AMC services that can respond proactively to the dynamic nature of the business and its growth objectives.


Unlike most other IT AMC providers in UAE, we are highly flexible working around the changing and dynamic needs of the clients from time to time. We know that businesses and business goals change along with the technology they use. Hence, we offer highly flexible IT AMS support to our clients. We can constantly support you with all the help you need delivering what other IT AMC service providers cannot offer in the UAE. For top-notch and highly economical IT AMC support, Emtech is the most reliable option you have in the market.

What Makes Emtech’s AMC Services the Best in the Business?

Emtech has a unique and client-centered approach that helps us become one of the most preferred IT AMC providers in the UAE. However, along with that, we also have a variety of unique differentiators that make us distinct from similar service providers in the UAE. These elements help us stand our brand apart and are given below.

1.Our experience in the field for about three decades
2.We have matchless expertise in the field
3.Emtech offers tailor-made service support to all our clients
4.Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals
5.Emtech always tenders highly economical services to our clients
6.We have a dedicated customer support system that offers 24x7 support

Hire the Best IT AMC Services in the UAE from Emtech

Being a highly client-centric IT AMC service provider, Emtech can extend any kind of IT support you need when it comes to maintaining, tweaking, and managing your IT infrastructure for better and seamless business operations. At Emtech, we focus on offering IT AMC services that are; Value-adding We want each of our clients to get maximum value for their investments and efforts with us. Hence, we leverage our offerings as per the IT infrastructure of the client for maximum service deliverance.

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