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Modernize your IT with Microsoft Azure

Emtech is a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Partner, recognized as a leading Azure provider with deep knowledge of cloud strategy, platform deployment and ongoing management. Our provision includes migration assessments, deployment plans and cloud optimization, ensuring the best performance from your infrastructure. We keep ahead of the latest Azure developments from Microsoft so that our customers can adopt best practice, enable innovation and future-proof their businesses.

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What Microsoft Azure services do we provide?

Cloud adoption services:
Consultancy, planning and deployment services. We’ll help you to make a smooth transition from on-premise IT systems to Microsoft Azure.

Hybrid cloud solutions:
We’ll introduce hybrid cloud solutions, helping you to seamlessly integrate one or more Azure services into your existing infrastructure.

Fully managed Cloud services:
We provide a fully managed service that’s perfect for organizations that wish to adopt the cloud and do not have an internal IT provision to manage the service.

Delivered business benefits

Our Cloud management solution services for Azure delivers a complete solution, providing you with one partner for all of your Azure needs. Our experts cater to all your Azure-related requirements by leveraging three core features that offer peace of mind and ensure your cloud investment will be optimized, managed and protected.

Comprehensive Support

Our technical support professionals are available around the clock to resolve issues quickly and effectively. No matter where you are in your journey with Azure, access to export- level assistance is critical to a successful cloud transformation. Emtech is your resource for azure assistance through incident support, spend analysis and advisory services. Our Managed Services provide comprehensive support coverage for all your cloud requirements.

Financial control & governance

If you want to be able to deliver on the promise that moving to the cloud will save your organization money, you need to have a good governance in place first. Gain control of your Azure usage with our industry expert cloud management services. Our advisory services, along with technical support, help you govern and maintain an optimized Azure environment to have better control and optimization on cloud spend.

Managed billing

The first step in maximizing your experience within Cost Management is to investigate and decide which Azure offer is best for you. Stop wasting money paying for more resources than you need. An optimized cloud gives you the exact resources you need. Our cloud optimization features are powered by machine learning and designed around your actual usage. Optimize costs today and take actions toward ongoing efficiency and lower unit costs over time.

// Your partner of choice for Microsoft Azure

Migrate your infrastructure to Azure local cloud with Manage Service from EMTECH and stay compliant!

Microsoft azure offers your business the best capabilities for cloud computing, but managing the environment requires expertise and strategic analysis. Emtech’s Cloud management for Azure can provide you with operational support and maintenance throughout your journey to Azure. Our experts offer guidance and analysis around your cloud operations, financial governance, and provide support for your questions and concerns. Purchase Azure directly from us without a long-term commitment and take advantage of our seamless service to optimize your cloud environment so you can focus on your business. Streamline your azure environment and operations with one expert partner for all your support, billing and governance needs.

Azure care package

As the key component of our cloud management of Azure , the Azure care package provides incident support for unexpected issues and managed escalation to Microsoft premier support. You also again access to the subject matter experts for advisory and administrative services.

24/7 critical support

Joining hands with a 24/7 cloud administrations supplier like Emtech is a method for getting high caliber-Yet saavy-all day, every minute IT support. Emtech works from a dedicated system which ensures that is accessible every minute of every day/365.

Azure purchase

Pay as you go , purchase Azure directly from us and take advantage of our bundled services and end-to-end customer support. Our ability and wide knowledge to purchase Azure provides one seamless partner for all your needs from subscription to support delivery.

Cloud solutions provider

Emtech is proud to be a Microsoft cloud solution provider. Purchasing Azure directly from Emtech includes Azure subscription support as well as exclusive access to our Cloud management portal. We have deep cloud technical know-how, consistently deliver customer success and validate the high standards throughout the service.

Driving Microsoft Modern Workplace and Azure success across the region.!

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