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Building a Digital Automotive Industry

The digital revolution is taking the automotive industry by storm, reshaping the business models previously employed to suit new customer behavior. An incredibly futuristic technology boasting online showrooms and catalogs can help businesses enhance their operations by increasing online visibility and walk-in traffic and conversions. We have been working relentlessly to provide innovative and cost-efficient solutions that make up the perfect pit stop for your business before you gear up for the next lap.

Driving change in the automotive industry, from  product-focused to customer focused

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We Customize to Suit Your Needs

At oOrjit, we understand your B-2-C requirements as well as the need for effective communication with your B-2-B clients.
We help you customize the user experience from start to finish, be it featuring your products online, cataloging car parts, providing accessory suggestions to your customers, creating product bundles, offering easy payment options, and even providing inbuilt amortization calculators.

Dealers get to:

  • Man a dedicated login page (only for verified resellers).
  • Order components and accessories with ease.
  • Mark pre-booked inventory as ‘in stock or ‘in transit’, as required.
  • Oversee and track shipments after dispatch.

Customers get to:

  • Choose from multiple online payment options.
  • Avail differential pricing and discounts based on geography and value/volume of transaction.
  • Enjoy participation in loyalty programs.
  • Oversee shipment tracking.
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Businesses get to:

  • Cut down on the initial costs of setting up a conventional showroom.
  • Reach a larger audience on a smaller budget.
  • Put up a live inventory with the latest additions and improve product presentation.
  • Provide customization for interior and exterior accessories.
  • Keep track of pre-bookings and notify customers of availability.
  • Enable online booking features and increase the user experience for customers.
  • Offer multiple payment options to customers to ensure smooth transactions.

Customers get to:

  • Sort vehicles by brand, model, and even series.
  • Add customizations which include exterior and interior accessories.
  • Experience complete 360-degree views of the cars, inside and out.
  • Pre-book vehicles that are yet to hit the market and get notified when they are available for possession.
  • Book a vehicle directly through the portal.
  • Avail of finance calculators to make informed decisions.
  • Choose from multiple online payment options.
  • Sort through live inventory available in the showroom.
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We Partner with Ambitious Brands, Big and Small

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The Fast-Growing Automotive Digital Ecosystem

oOrjit’s Automotive solution empowers automotive dealers to sell more and increase brand visibility through a highly interactive digital space.

  • Transform the way you showcase your vehicles, get leads, and increase revenue
  • Personalized visualization at the tip of your fingers.
  • We help retailer brands become better, more efficient, and more profitable.
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