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Digital IT Support

We offer quick online technical support with expert skill for our customers to identify and fix technical issues instantly. As businesses depends more and more on technology to carry out their operations and support their end-customers, by leveraging all kinds of technological platforms. It is high time that you must establish a strong, reliable, and scalable IT support wing that not only helps you get things right, also help you adapt right technology roadmap to reach your business destinations.

This is exactly what Emtech’s IT Support can offer through its proactive support services just as you would love. While many businesses have certain IT support wings for their business, most of them find difficult to handle the stress and challenges that come with a ransomware attack or anything of that sort. That is exactly why you need a team of experts that you can rely on to restore your back in action quickly. With our team working round the clock monitoring your IT infrastructure and watching over it for any suspicious activities, you get access to the knowledge and expertise of savvy, insightful and experienced team round the clock. Not only can Emtech’s IT support can work to create an environment where your infrastructure is protected and secured from threats, it can also empower your own in-house team to face any of the challenges that might come your way.

// Digital IT Support

Emtech offers the following types of Digital IT Support

Server Setups and Upgrades

Our server experts are online 24/7 to help you take care of complex server tasks or rescue your server from critical issues. That’s not all. We monitor, audit and secure your server so that you can get the best performance and uptime for your server. Ensure timely update , maintain timely and fix issues of your current server to get the most out of your server.

Network & Wifi Support

Whether wired or wireless you need to have a secure and reliable connectivity for you to access your business applications. We help you set up your network properly to ensure maximum Wi-Fi coverage with minimum security risk.

Network Monitoring & Maintenance

Despite the difficulties that come with technology management, maintenance is an absolutely vital role that must be fulfilled in order to get the most from your hardware and software. Our proactive Remote Monitoring and Maintenance support is designed to remediate these issues for small and medium-sized businesses, and make them more affordable than ever before. Protect your investment and maximize uptime with our support.

Manage Cloud Servers

We follows a holistic, integrated approach that supports all leading cloud providers to bring you world-class solutions. Our specialized resources have delivered numerous, rapid, scalable cloud solutions to companies across all industries. We support any kind of cloud infrastructure that you have , advice the right multi-cloud strategy for cost saving and optimum performance.

VPN and Remote Access

Establish fast, secure, reliable access to resources for employees on the go. VPN and remote access solutions include access on mobile devices. We assist you with secure access solutions to tie your data network together to distant offices or to the home offices of your key personnel using VPN (virtual private networking) technologies.

Manage Email Security

Email was designed to be as open and accessible as possible. It allows people in organizations to communicate with each other and with people in other organizations. The problem is that email is not secure. This allows attackers to use email as a way to cause problems in attempt to profit. He help you maximize security for legitimate email

Virtualization & Backup Supprot

It doesn't matter whether you have VMware or Hyper-V infrastructure. We have the specialist to support your on premise hypervisor or hyper converged infrastructure. We can provide you all support from hypervisor layer to backup and restoration of your data. Businesses shell out huge amounts of money to protect their assets and invaluable customer data on the cloud from the wrong hands. Hence, businesses need to leverage the protective and dynamic security support and measures offered by leading cloud security providers like Emtech.

Use the right firewall hardware and security practices to keep your data and network safe from intrusion and network viruses. Let us assess your IT Infrastructure for no charge, we’ll assess your current IT infrastructure and provide you with our recommendations to improve your business’s IT

Make digital the default for support functions in professional services!

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