What is employee training and development, and its benefits to the organization?

Employee training and development is a program that helps an employee to develop and learn a skill that improves their job performance and productivity within the organization. It develops their skills, increases their work performance, and achieves their career goals. In addition to this, an organization having an effective employee training program benefits the below:

  • Retention of more employees
  • Greater return on investment
  • Development of future leaders
  • Stay competitive
  • Improved performance and productivity

Organizations who have an effective training and development process can retain their employees, see higher profitability that is teaching workers new skills can empower them in their roles, ensuring the initial investment is recouped through efficiency gains or an increase in revenue. Furthermore, it helps the organization avoid the costs linked to losing talents.

What are the types of employee training?

There are numerous types of employee training, each one suited for different situations. Using the right type of employee training at the right time can result in a more engaging, effective learning process for your team and better overall business outcomes. Matching the types of employee training to your employee needs can ensure they receive the information they need, in the format best suited for it. Few common practices employers work into their employee training programs include:

  • eLearning: eLearning is used by many companies to train batches of employees. By incorporating eLearning software into training, employees can retain basic information quicker.
  • Instructor-led training: Instructor-led training is the traditional type of employee training that occurs in a classroom, with a teacher presenting the material. While ILT can be conducted in person or online, the most important aspect is that the learners have real-time access to the instructor for feedback and discussion.
  • Simulation employee training: Simulation-based training is a highly effective way of transferring key skills to trainees in a cost-effective manner. It provides an optimum way for employers to assess how well their trainees are putting skills into practice, and the decisions they are making in front of simulated real-life situations. Simulation-based training can be applied across many different fields. In business areas, such as project management and customer service; the medical field, allowing for practical work in life-saving situations; the military and drone piloting, factory workers, commercial drivers, and so on.

Harnessing technology for the best training experience

Digital technology is already changing how we do business and live our lives. Technology-enabled learning can be an effective tool if the lessons are designed according to instructional design principles. Additionally, online training is not restricted to a specific time or location. Employees can complete training whenever and wherever they have an Internet connection. Technology offers ease of use, learning retention, dissemination of information, the ability to reinforce learning, employee training convenience, and a reduced impact on productivity. While technology provides the building blocks for employee training and development, it is an addition to, not a replacement for, employee training and development processes.

Emtech offers innovative learning technology solutions and eLearning content development services that enable organizations on the digitization of the learning and development process. Our services include providing Learning technology solutions such as Learning Management Systems, Mobile learning platforms, Blended learning solutions, and Custom eLearning content development services such as the development of highly interactive and engaging eLearning courses, Micro-Learning module, Simulation-based software training, Learning Videos, and Immersive learning through VR and AR technologies.

Our Digital Learning solutions team consists of experienced learning & development professionals, instructional designers, graphic designers, and animators who build learning content that your learners will love to learn from. We follow a very strict quality assurance process that ensures shorter development time and delivery of high-quality learning modules. Our post-project completion support ensures future usage of modules by making minor fine-tuning as when needed.

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