Data Backup and Data Storage Solutions may not be the priorities of most of the new companies out there. The real fact is that, when it comes to strategic IT planning, these two terms turn out to be the two pillars of foundation that you should rely upon. A solid foundation will contribute to a solid infrastructure, and the same is the case with Storage and Backup too. Storage acts as the main base for your cloud and data center and is undoubtedly the main foundation of your business as well.

Nowadays most businesses are focusing on ways to implement the latest software, hardware and ensure security, thus investing in their future of IT. Every day we deal with tones of data, and this keeps increasing at an exponential growth as well. Organizations need to manage and protect data because there is no reduction of data insight.

5 Golden Benefits of Data Backup

  • Higher Reliability
  • Easy and quick Setup
  • Reduced Workload
  • Improved Security
  • Saves Money.

Check Out the Latest Trending Data Backup and Data Storage Solutions for Your Business

Automation and Appliances.

Manual backup has already become a thing of the past and the need for automation is the most demanding thing on board. Today backup solutions should have automation processes in place. Automating critical backup processes has become the need of the hour, as many security threats are looping. Relying on your employees to take hold of the backup process is not worthy and you should probably think of automating the entire process. This would be time-saving, safe and reliable as well.

The current Trending backup solution that is highly preferred is the Appliance-based backup with geo-redundant cloud storage. Such solutions carry out complete automatic backups, thus ensuring you to restore your cloud data, regardless of what happens. This solution helps business organizations to keep control of critical business data while you enjoy full-fledged scalability, cost-effectiveness, and SaaS solutions. You could also prevent Data Loss and Downtime with this type of backup solution.

In case of unpredictable damage to your infrastructures like fire or flood, these backup solutions can be your helping hand. Since these solutions enable scheduled data backups, all the stored data can now be housed on separate servers, in unique geo-locations. And this provides a chance for your employees to work remotely, as the servers in either data center can be turned on. And in this way, you could carry on your regular work, irrespective of your location challenges. Data restoration also becomes a very simple process with this kind of backup solution, and you could simply rescue the extra time that takes to restore servers on-site, and just go ahead restoring it with just a few hours.

Artificial Intelligence Implementation

Artificial Intelligence is simply playing an integral role in the design and development of the Datacenter and currently the traditional approach to the data center is slowly fading away. The influence of Artificial Intelligence is the most trending thing today, and it’s influence on the Datacenter is the most particular. They also create new benefits for the end-user. If you are looking forward to making your Data Center more energy-efficient, then you should go ahead implementing Artificial Intelligence. A recent statistics of Google reports that it was able to cut down its cost by about 40%.

Find out the real benefits of AI in your Data Center:

  • A quick analysis of data by modernizing data operations
  • Avoid server inefficiencies via workload distribution across servers.
  • Reduced power consumption and improved Performance
  • Enhanced security systems with 24*7 system monitoring and having a better hold over the potential threat.
  • Flash Adoption

Over the years Flash’s Solid-State Drive has been continuously evolving and today it has emerged to become increasingly critical in the memory and system storage hierarchy. Flash has numerous benefits in terms of its high speed and accurate efficiency and is used in a cloud environment and as a part of the hybrid system architecture. You must be thinking how flash provides you with advantages over hard disk drives (HDDs), and the distinct advantages that they offer you, with are power and ownership. 2019 has already witnessed flash to become a stronger player and has gained more credibility as a perfect HDD alternative as well.

Progressive Data Protection

We usually think of the terms backup and restore, when we have Data Protection as our priority. Well today, data protection needs to be approached in a much advanced approach. You should be able to optimize data and protect your business from all potential data threats by focusing more on how to leverage secondary Data Storage.

If in the past, copies were a liability, today they are assets. Having secure data backups and replicas will always make you confident and good to go ahead because you will be sure about your data. Also having secondary data gives you the option to use it for DeVos, analytics, and workloads.

Data Backup and Storage solutions are a “must” these days, and if you have not get started with the perfect storage and backup solution for your organization, then it is high time for you to get started with it. Invest in secure data solutions and keep your organizational data safe and secure from all threats!


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