In Today’s business, despite having many tools to prevent phishing attacks, it is still a threat to Business and Employees. Phishing is where an employee or a user is targeted via email which lures users into clicking the malicious link. These emails are disguised as messages from trusted individuals like a manager, coworker, or business associate to trick the employees into activating the enclosed malware or granting unauthorized access.

How to protect your business from phishing?

There are few tricks and tips to protect your business from phishing. Educating the employees is the most essential way to deal with the phishing as most employees cannot identify a sophisticated phishing email. As a business not only educating the employee works but using an automated phishing defense solution helps quickly protect every inbox in an organization from outside threats.

How is Graphus Unique?

Graphus is a simple, powerful, and cost-effective automated phishing defense for Office 365 and G Suite threats. Graphus requires no hardware purchase or software downloads; it’s ready to deploy in minutes via cloud API to start protecting your business. To uncover attacks, Graphus employs patented AI technology that monitors communication patterns between people, devices, and networks to reveal untrustworthy emails.

Why Graphus and what are its features?

One of the main features of Graphus is that it uses advanced, patented AI Technology Called TrustGraph. TrustGraph analyzes over 50 different attributes of your employee’s communications, including the devices they use, who they message most, what time of day they communicate, and so on. The powerful AI uses this data to create profiles of trusted relationships. TrustGraph then compares incoming communications to these profiles to detect and prevent sophisticated phishing, spear phishing, and business email compromise attacks.

Graphus employs EmployeeShield, a feature that displays an active warning banner on suspicious company emails. The banner will tell you why the message was flagged and give the option of looking at it safely to make final determination. Graphus will learn from the input and adjust its parameters, so it’s always getting smarter and the company is always getting more secure.

Graphus can be configured to automatically alert you or your security team when suspicious messages or attachments are detected and then automatically quarantine them. Automation and AI go hand in hand to reduce the workload of your IT staff and make your cloud email system safer.

Graphus has a User-Friendly Customer Portal. Your IT administrators can easily monitor for suspicious messages and investigate them safely. They can also adjust parameters in just a few seconds to finetune your security, and manually flag messages as unsafe. If you discover an email that is masking a cyberattack, you can delete it from all your employees’ inboxes in a single click.

The Graphus dashboard provides detailed, live performance metrics to give you a bird’s-eye view of your business communication security. With this trove of visualized security data, you’ll gain invaluable insights into your levels of risk, how effective your security is, what kind of attacks are targeting your company most, and much more. In addition, Graphus automatically collates this data and generates detailed reports.

It only takes an instant for a cyberattack to sneak past your defenses and wreak havoc, so every second spent without proper protection is dangerous. That’s why Graphus was designed to be quickly deployable to Office 365 and G Suite platforms in a matter of minutes via cloud APIs; no big downloads, no lengthy installs, no time-consuming configurations.

Advantage of Graphus over Secure email gateways:

Activation takes minutes than weeks: Protect your organization instantly. No email configuration required.No delay in receiving emails: SEG filtering can cause delays in receiving messages or improperly quarantining safe messages. Whereas Graphus, Analyzes messages in real time with no delay in email delivery. Safe messages are never quarantined.

Detects zero-day attacks in real time: SEGs use traditional threat intelligence to detect attacks, allowing zero-day attacks to slip into inboxes. Graphus in other hand is Powered by patented AI technology, the TrustGraph feature detects zero-day attacks in real time.

Automated phishing defense: SEGs are built to stop spam and malicious emails, not sophisticated social engineering attacks Where as Graphus Integrates at the API level to detect sophisticated social engineering attacks.

Employees are notified: Graphus provides an interactive warning banner to notify your employees of suspicious attacks and how to remediate threats.

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