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It may sound unnecessary if We start with addressing you by a question like WHAT IS VIRTUALIZATION? In this updated IT Village every one related to IT must have heard about concepts of virtualization, at least once.

Ok in financial terms, it is nothing other than an innovative technology concept that helps the organizations to save a vast amount of money along with great efficiency.

Of course, large companies with millions of budget had already implemented virtualization. But now it is common for even small businesses to implement Virtualization Concepts in their environment.

But how do you if virtualization is good for your organization? Shall we help you?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Users with a requirement of full desktop experience are ideal candidates for virtualization. Understand the requirement of your user.
  • What about your server capacity?
  • If your Network infrastructure can’t handle your users’ bandwidth requirement, you should implement virtualization.
  • Are you looking to reduce your capital expenditures and maintenance costs, Or if you are looking for a desktop refresh, no doubt you can implement virtualization
  • And finally, if you can’t provide at least 30- 40 GB storage space per user, we recommend you to implement virtualization

IT Admins all around the globe says, they experienced these benefits, once they implemented virtualization,
They are:

  • Virtualization reduced their number of physical server required.
  • It reduced maintenance and energy costs
  • More duration between two consecutive hardware refreshes
  • They started dealing with thin clients
  • Less effort on backup and disaster recovery
  • reduced operating costs
  • They Say, they can move to the cloud anytime.
  • Offsite access to files and application
  • Reduce time for desktop support
  • Doubled security

As it has pros, it has cons too,

Of course, the cost is a major factor holding virtualization back. Companies are required to invest a lot on infrastructure

Note some use cases where virtualization may be useless,

  • Mobile
  • Media – Rich
  • Some Security Apps
  • Apps that require specific peripherals

In all the above cases deploying virtualization in small scale will be beneficial

No doubt virtualization requires a well-developed plan and a substantial consideration. Before you present your plan for approval, figure out how much time and money you spend on software and hardware, desk side support, maintenance, energy, etc.

Once the plan is approved and you’ve completed the project, track your actual spending to highlight your ROI.


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