Last weekend I was at a well-known retail chain location to pick up an online order. To comply with social distancing recommendations, businesses have been fulfilling online orders at the curb. What struck me was that small businesses and branches are continuing to find new normal ways to continue doing business — and that the pandemic has just redefined the way we interact, but not operate. Businesses, more than ever, are being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of network traffic and need security solutions that scale, accommodate ever-increasing broadband speeds and fit within their limited budgets.

While there are many products that claim to deliver these capabilities in an entry-level firewall, few offer a complete feature set with high performance at a low total cost of ownership. Some solutions don’t provide adequate protection from threats such as malware and ransomware, while others lack integrated features such as SD-WAN for branch locations. Modern branches continue to look for integrated, single-pane-of-glass management solutions for their network setup — including firewalls, switches and access points — at small-business price points.

Introducing TZ570 and TZ670 – Integrated SD-Branch Platforms

The new SonicWall TZ Series is the first small (desktop) form factor, business-class, deep packet inspection firewall on the market to feature multi-gigabit interfaces (10G/5G/2.5G). The new TZ line of products features state-of-the-art hardware designed to handle the requirements of small businesses and modern software-defined branches.

Let’s look at some of the major highlights of the new TZ series platforms:

Next-generation hardware platforms with industry-leading performance

The new TZ series platforms provide groundbreaking performance to deliver automated real-time breach detection and prevention, as well as TLS/SSL decryption and inspection, all over multi-gigabit wired and 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless networks.

TZ670 is a high-port density firewall featuring 2x10GbE SFP+, 8x1GbE interfaces with a dedicated management port and 16GB of built-in storage. In addition to the multi-gigabit ports, high-speed processors and robust onboard memory, the new TZ series includes additional hardware enhancements that make it the ideal firewall for small businesses and distributed enterprises. For added redundancy, an optional second power supply is available in case of failure. An expandable secondary storage module of up to 256GB is provided to support various features, including logging, reporting, configuration backup and restore, and more. The TZ670 comes pre-populated with 32GB of secondary storage.

Specifications at a glance:

  • Up to 2.5Gbps of threat prevention performance
  • 10GbE Interfaces
  • 11ac Wave 2 wireless
  • Built-in storage expandable up to 256GB
  • Optional redundant power supply
  • USB 3.0 super speed ports for 5G/LTE USB modems
  • Secure SD-WAN platform for modern branches

    The SonicWall TZ series represents the continuing evolution of SonicWall’s vision for a deeper level of network security without a performance penalty. More than simply a replacement for its predecessor, the new TZ series lineup addresses the growing trends in web encryption and mobility by delivering a solution that meets the need for high-speed threat prevention. To protect against more advanced threats such as unknown and zero-day attacks that are concealed in encrypted web traffic, the new TZ570 and TZ670 products utilize Capture, SonicWall’s cloud-based, multi-engine sandboxing service with patent-pending Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection™ (RTDMI) technology.

    With built-in SD-WAN (provided at no additional cost), routing and advanced security services — coupled with zero-touch provisioning of SonicWall switches, Dell X-Series & N-Series switches, and SonicWave access points through NSM —the new TZ platform provides the rapid deployments required for modern branch setups.

    SonicOS 7.0 features modern-look UX/UI and TLS1.3 support

    The new TZ products are powered by SonicOS 7.0, a new, modern user interface built from the ground up and designed with intuitive workflows and user-first design principles. SonicOS 7.0 provides multiple new features, including support for the new TLS1.3 encryption standard. More details about the new SonicOS 7.0 can be found here.

    Today, with the introduction of the new TZ570 and TZ670 integrated threat prevention SD-WAN platforms, SonicWall continues its commitment to providing enterprise-class security at small business budgets, without compromising on performance.

    To learn more about the new TZ series, watch the video or get in touch with our team here


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