After COVID-19 began sweeping across the globe earlier this year, Thermal Imaging Cameras have gained huge demand all over the world, as the most useful way to help people screen for fevers and to help organizations navigate the pandemic and evaluate the illness to a large extend. Thermal camera solutions offer you with the most effective 24*7 monitoring when compared to other surveillance options available in the market today. What makes the Thermal Camera solutions unique from the rest is its capability of capturing high-quality footage without actually needing any light to capture high contrast and also being able to capture through any visual obscureness like dust, fog, light, smoke or foliage.

By choosing to integrate Thermal Imaging Camera solutions, you will be benefited with multiple benefits with accurate analytics and fewer false alarms including increased coverage and better return on investment. Whenever you deal with surveillance projects you might want to cover areas such as perimeter protection for a facility, on which you might encounter challenges of little or no light at all. Since Thermal Cameras do not rely on reflected light at all and instead focus on creating images from the heat by displaying minute differences in thermal energy as various shades of grey in a combination of black and white video, this could be the best choice for you.

Thermal Cameras for Easy Fever Detection

In line with the World Health Organization experts, it is found that thermal imaging solutions can be quite useful and helpful for initial screening, though they cannot coverup the entire diagnosis in this scenario of Covid-19. Thermal cameras measure your external temperature and not the internal temperature. Covid-19 has a relatively long incubation period, and not all sufferers will experience a fever, but it is possible to detect people with fever with these solutions to a large extent and in many parts across the world, it has also become mandatory to use Thermal Cameras to ensure the safety of co-employees. However, thermal imaging in a post-COVID outbreak world could have a role to play in battling a “second wave” suggests some. Thermal camera technology is efficient, visible and can operate in real-time”.

How to Choose the Right Thermal Camera Solution?

When you decide to choose a Thermal Imaging Camera Solutions for your business, you need to understand that there is no single solution for all applications. Based on whether you need the thermal cameras for your building inspection, machine vision and automation or high-end surveillance and security, there are several factors to consider before you choose one.

5 Must Look Features of Thermal Cameras That You Should Consider

Recommended Temperature Ranges ​

The temperature range of thermal imaging cameras should undoubtedly be one of the main considerations for you to choose them. The questions you should be asking yourself are at what likely temperatures will you be capturing images? will there be any wide disparity between images? so hence always the first consideration needs to be the temperature range of the cameras.

High Resolution

Most of the thermal imaging cameras have low pixel counts, then the visible light cameras, so accessing the detector resolution is also an important consideration. The size of your imaging area and the target will eventually decide the resolution that would be accurately required. If you are focused on small object detection, then you will require high-resolution thermal imaging cameras.

Accuracy and Repeatability

These two features and key factors to consider since thermal cameras are often used to measure the differences in temperatures. High-quality thermal imaging cameras can achieve a thermal imaging quality of ±2% or better, in most cases.

Image Fusion ​

In some cases, to spot out the accurate temperature differences, thermal images must be compared to visible light at times. To make an image capturing easier in certain applications, some thermal imaging cameras are manufactured with the ability to accurately highlight the variations between thermal and visible images.

Durability ​

For specific applications like high-end surveillance, security and monitoring of critical infrastructure, the durability of thermal imaging cameras is quite important. Other scenarios where this factor becomes crucial is when the thermal imaging cameras should be placed outdoors for a longer period, or if it is to move around a rugged industrial environment.

How Thermal Cameras can help prevent the spread of Covid-19?

Thermal cameras can undoubtedly play a major role in helping organizations to reduce the spread and risk factor of co-employees working in the organization. Many governments and healthcare authorities have guided the key symptoms associated with the disease where one of the key symptoms is increased body temperature or fever. This initial symptom can be well identified with the help of Thermal camera solutions and can thereby detect and prevent huge risk factors related to COVID-19 in the initial stage itself. There are several recommended approaches being applied across the world to help reduce the reproduction rate of COVID-19. These include self-isolation methods such as working from home, improved basic hygiene such as increased handwashing and the deployment of personal protective equipment (PPE) to reduce the prospect of infection. When symptoms appear, there is clear guidance on what to do next. Primarily this involves limiting social contact through self-isolation for up to 14 days.

Medical professionals should be contacted digitally if symptoms persist or deteriorate. Ultimately, before any vaccine is available, the fight against COVID-19 is being led by the ability to detect symptoms and isolate people suspected of infection. This is a combined effort between different key workers and technology applications. Thermal cameras can play a part in this coordinated approach, as these cameras provide thermal imaging for body temperature solutions which can quickly and accurately identify people with elevated body temperatures, one of the key symptoms of COVID-19. These solutions can provide organizations with an additional layer of protection to their facility from increased exposure to the coronavirus and that is the reason why the government in many parts of the world are encouraging people to mandatorily start using these solutions to ensure employee safety of your organization. So, with multiple designs, varieties and sensitivities of thermal imaging cameras available in the global market, you need to choose the most accurate type that best serves your needs. The key considerations that should be influencing your ideal purchase should be as follows:

  • Price and  Brand
  • Quality and Certification
  • Size and weight
  • Image Resolution and thermal range
  • Lens Interchangeability
  • Design

EMTECH has been serving your technology needs for more than 2 decades in the UAE and we have already supplied Thermal imaging cameras to multiple users across the region. We deal with numerous brands of Thermal imaging cameras out of which the most popular brand on-demand is Hikvision. Get in touch with us, to discover the various options available in the market, that you could make the best use for your personal or business needs.


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