Agility is the key proficiency an ideal business should express in terms of rapid and cost-effective adaptation to the change in business environment. Business agility lies in quick delivery of products and service, which can properly adapt towards the ever-evolving customer demands. It involves developing a flexible technology environment consisting of data centers, cloud services, secure networking, mobile devices, custom applications, and desktops all needed to be able to accommodate with the changes happening to the tech world each day.

Companies in the recent 21st century are putting greater effort in developing cost-effective IT strategies which can make their business more flexible, balanced, adaptable and coordinated under one umbrella. This trends emerged from the realization that enterprises can no longer expect to thrive on traditional business and IT strategies. Rather than putting efforts on expensive, time-consuming, on-prem application modernization, organizations started initiating their social, mobile, analytic based cloud transformations which are more efficient and cost-effective.

Effective cloud computing strategies can drive your business agility.

Easy market reach.

Effectively reduce the time business takes to provision and de-provision IT infrastructure by implementing cloud solutions.  It helps you in quick delivery of IT projects that are critical to revenue growth or cost reduction, where a physical server may take days or weeks to procure and provision, cloud server takes minutes.


Get automated! reduce the amount of time an IT systems administrator has to spend on managing and supporting infrastructure for provisioning, de-provisioning and re-deploying resources by implementing automation.


Get the flexibility to either rent or subscribe to the platforms, systems, infrastructure and data services which scaled up or down based on the demand. This helps you drastically reduce the risk of huge financial investments on insignificant or less useful resources.


AccessAccess your resources through online. Rather than waiting for hours and weeks or months at times to set up the hardware and develop software, it just takes a matter of a few hours in the cloud, on the contrary.

Promotes business continuity

The Cloud helps organizations keep up with the business demands even in the event of calamities, natural or man-made with its disaster management capabilities. Costs of duplicate systems and in-house recovery systems can be substantially high which can impact the bottom line. Additionally, the downtime incurred during such eventualities impacts business performance. By using cloud services, organizations can ensure that disaster recovery costs are low and that business continuity is ensured at all times by giving them access to all resources at all times and keeping them productive and agile.

Clearly there is a huge cost advantage by leveraging the cloud for business. However, the cost efficiencies are just a small part of the big picture. Companies who have adopted the cloud are also enjoying a greater competitive advantage because of simplified operations, greater connectivity between employees and resources which translates to faster roll-outs of new business opportunity…all of which is a consequence of business agility provided by the cloud.

Business agility is critical to the survival of many companies, and implementing cloud solutions does move a company significantly along this path. To find out how you can work with Emtech Computer to deliver a more seamless experience for your organization, please contact us: [email protected]


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