Digital Transformation with Azure: A SOLID FOUNDATION

Fundamentally, the innovation you need to Digitally Transform, both today and in the future, resides in the Azure services.

What do mean by this? Here are a few examples:

At the beginning of your transformation? Azure IaaS enables you to run your VM’s more efficiently, reducing operational overheads and laying the foundations for some of the advanced capabilities. Another key point, turning on the analytics-based threat protection services immediately makes your environment more secure.

Already using IaaS? Now is your time to really add value – it’s all about optimization. Adopt new service models like on-demand capacity and compute. Transform your DR. Deconstruct your n-tier applications and use PaaS services. After all, why are you looking after the Operating system and SQL instance when all you’re really interested in is the SQL database.

Already using IaaS and PaaS? At this stage things start to get interesting. You can leverage data and analytics to bring you disparate repositories together and interrogate them. Use them to describe what’s happened in the past and predict what will happen in the future. Augment your service desk and websites with bots that learn, provide insights and reduce BAU operational overhead. Make innovative apps available to your consumers. Embrace IoT and smart devices.

What makes all this possible? A simple connection to Azure.
Once connected, your datacentre and identity are essentially extended to Azure. The innovation is immediately available to start consuming, at your pace, whichever stage you’re at.

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