The way we live, and work has changed, and business conditions are evolving faster than ever before. To survive and thrive in this environment, companies not only need to innovate quickly and develop resilience but also find new avenues to save costs. There is also increased pressure on businesses to shift their strategies from being physical-first to digital-first and to accelerate their digital transformation to increase productivity and quickly recognize and address new opportunities.

In this digital-first world, web applications play a significant role in how customers interact with a business. There are more than 38 million ASP.NET websites in the world, and many of those ASP.NET applications are running on‑premises, delivering value to businesses but requiring resource effort and long lead times to roll out new customer experiences. To retain existing customers and to capture new opportunities, companies need to modernize and migrate their web applications and data to the cloud for optimal performance, scalability, and cost savings. Developers need to be empowered to innovate and have the flexibility to ship features faster.

Benefits of migrating your ASP.NET apps to the cloud


  1. Scale to meet digital demand: Cloud computing enables you to scale your service to meet customer demand flexibly. Scalability is one of the major benefits of cloud computing, enabling you to handle increases in digital demand or sudden traffic spikes for your web applications. The PaaS service can effectively address your scalability need by automatically allocating and releasing the necessary resources depending on your demand. Businesses can meet the maximum capacity needs all the time, whenever it is required.


  1. Optimize your costs: One of the core benefits of moving your applications to the cloud is cost efficiency. Cloud can optimize costs on saving cost on resources, maximizing your on-premises investment, and reducing the costs for development and testing.



  1. Increase your operational efficiencies: There are two main ways in which the cloud can help you operate more confidently to meet your business and customer needs.
  • Maximize your application uptime: To meet the business needs in a fast-changing business environment, Microsoft Azure offers an enterprise-grade web hosting platform.
  • Detect and resolve issues early: Azure App Service diagnostics is an intelligent and interactive experience that helps you troubleshoot your app with no configuration required.


  1. Make applications and data more secure: Applications can store data in Azure SQL Database, which has a range of options for providing additional security measures. One of the important options is the advanced data security that provides a set of advanced SQL security capabilities, such as protecting personally identifiable data and alerting team members to potential database vulnerabilities. Advanced data security can be enabled for all the databases on your server in Azure with one click, simplifying the security process to help organizations become immediately responsive to security requirements.


  1. Ship new features faster: The cloud can help you to streamline the process with a range of options in the .NET ecosystem. When hosting your applications and data on a managed cloud platform, your team no longer has to manage the operating system, install updates, or worry about hardware. All these tasks are managed by the cloud platform, so your team can focus more on application development and adding capabilities that matter to your business and customers.

Why Azure?

Businesses need to maintain low operating costs while responding to evolving user needs. Azure App Service and Azure SQL Database together take care of the availability, scale, security, and infrastructure management of your apps, allowing you to spend more time growing your business and empowering your employees. For ASP.NET applications, Azure provides the only end-to-end fully managed platform that natively supports Windows, offering unparalleled developer productivity with deep Visual Studio and GitHub integration, and builds on 25 years of SQL innovation together with Azure SQL Database. You can enrich your apps in numerous ways with other services that Azure offers after migration. There is no better platform to build, host, and manage your .NET web apps and databases.

Let’s get started today!

Most organizations fear moving to the cloud because they are unsure of where to start and how to find resources and tools for their teams to learn about the cloud and migration. Emtech is full-service Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. Purchasing Azure directly from Emtech includes Azure subscription support as well as exclusive access to our Cloud management portal. We have deep cloud technical know-how, consistently deliver customer success and validate the high standards throughout the service.


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