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Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud - The inter-operable hybrid cloud computing platform

Go Azure and rest assured. 

We help you implement Azure cloud solutions which work as a single solution offering services like Infrastructure-as-a-service, Platform-as-a-service, backup and restore services for window servers, and cloud data backups.

We  guide your Azure cloud migration journey. If your business plans for migration towards the cloud solutions, our solutions experts can help you in utilizing this ever-expanding cloud solutions service which helps your organization meet its business objectives. Engage us in building, managing, deploying and supporting cloud applications and services with your preferred tools and frameworks.

Get professional cloud solutions services.

Get access to your computing services like servers, storage, networking, software—over the Azure cloud platform which is highly cost-effective, secure, reliable and flexible than on-premises servers.  Azure brings you the best fit inter-operable hybrid cloud computing platform for your business.

IaaS: Build more values to your business with highly available, secure, and scalable cloud infrastructure on Azure. We help you design the best-fit cloud solution for your business which enables you to quickly scale up and down when your needs change and only pay for the resources that you use.

SaaS: Accelerate your business journey with hundreds of software solutions which are completely cloud-deployed software as a service. We help you deliver this enterprise-grade security, availability, and elasticity you expect from Clouds.

PaaS: Implement the complete cloud-based development and deployment environment with resources that deliver enterprise cloud applications along with infrastructures like servers, storage, and networking, development tools, business intelligence (BI) services, database management systems, and more in a pay-as-you-use manner.

DRaaS: The Azure integrated cloud services help you minimize the risks of data breaches, data loss and ransomware attacks with one broader data protection service for your organization. Get your business data backed up and running in minutes with Azure cloud data backup solutions in case of any disaster happening.

Engage Emtech to Empower your Business.
  • Certified Microsoft specialists to help you streamline your cloud solution based on the assessment of your application portfolio, cost structure, and business objective.
  • 24/7 Support seamless support after implementation.
  • Monthly performance reports and metrics.
  • Periodic solutions advisory and best practices consultation.
  • We provide L3 level engineer support and backend co-ordination with OEM vendor in platform issues and bugs.
  • Gold Partner level of certification with Microsoft.
  • Provides implementation support.

Why Emtech?  
  • More than two decades of service excellence in the U.A.E
  • Virtual Assistant provides quick support to all AMC customers
  • Named engineers provide expert support remotely and onsite
  • Certified and experienced support engineers
  • Affiliated to all major global OEMs
  • Well defined escalation matrix
  • Dedicated account managers
  • 24/7 on-site critical support
  • Online ticketing system
  • Knowledge sessions

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Go Cloud Benefits

  • Achieve economies of scale – increase volume output or productivity with fewer people. Your cost per unit, project or product plummets.
  • Reduce spending on technology infrastructure. Maintain easy access to your information with minimal upfront spending. Pay as you go (weekly, quarterly or yearly), based on demand.
  • Globalize your workforce on the cheap. People worldwide can access the cloud, provided they have an Internet connection.
  • Streamline processes. Get more work done in less time with less people.
  • Reduce capital costs. There’s no need to spend big money on hardware, software or licensing fees.
  • Improve accessibility. You have access anytime, anywhere, making your life so much easier!
  • Monitor projects more effectively. Stay within budget and ahead of completion cycle times.
  • Less personnel training is needed. It takes fewer people to do more work on a cloud, with a minimal learning curve on hardware and software issues.
  • Minimize licensing new software. Stretch and grow without the need to buy expensive software licenses or programs.
  • Improve flexibility. You can change direction without serious “people” or “financial” issues at stake.