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Email-based threats, like Business Email Compromise (BEC), are tactics used by hackers to deceive staff into moving money or revealing confidential data. BEC schemes are skillfully designed, making it appear as if they’re sent by a reputable entity.

This is why a keen eye is crucial to recognize these deceptive BEC emails. With the right training, you’ll be able to pinpoint certain red flags indicative of a BEC ploy.

Curious about these warning signs? We’ve put together a visual guide to arm you with the knowledge needed to discern and avoid BEC threats.

With our visual guide, you can:

• Recognize BEC phishing attempts

• Prevent costly missteps for your company

• Promote a robust digital security environment within your firm

Digital adversaries are tirelessly plotting against businesses. Don’t delay accessing our visual guide today.

Grab the visual guide today.

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