It may appear to you like the same MS office you might be using in your PC. But the real power of our Office 365 is really surprising. You know, your office 365 can increase your savings. Clearly, it can reduce your expenses. Want to see how?

We have identified 10 major benefits organizations can achieve using Office 365. Also, we implement it in our organization. And we are more than happy enough to explain the same to you.
Here They Are…

Scalability :
The ability to show scalability is the major feature of Office 365. We can customize the solutions based on the requirement of the user or department. As the organization grows, we can improve the customization. Adding any number of users can be added or removed at any time.

Work Anywhere:
As long as you are having an internet connection you can always work on Office 365, irrespective of your job location or infrastructure. The complete cloud-based platform of Office 365 can grant access to any account using any device remotely. This feature is highly beneficial to those companies who have multiple office locations or employees usually travel.

Collaboration is another beneficial feature to you if your company has teams who work together on single data or resources. Here anyone can make changes on the same document, rather than keeping a copy with all the team members.

Always Up-To-Date:
If you are fed up with the regular updations and patches, this feature will definitely make you smile. Since Office 365 lies in the cloud, nothing like an update is required. Everything Microsoft Adds new will be automatically updated without any charges.

Reduce Capital Spend:
Office 365 is a subscription-based service, where you can pay in a monthly or yearly basis. We are just leasing not buying. So that we can add these charges on operational expenses instead of adding them to capital spend.

No Server required:
Cloud means less number of servers. Here for using Office 365, you don’t need any server to access your website, emails or document storage.
Yes, You saved a lot now!

Mix Up Plans:
Every employee will have different requirement based on the type of work he/she does. Office 365 allows to mix and match plans in between. Switch between plans is also easy as that.

Security Features:
The misconception that cloud solutions are insecure is common now. Cloud Solutions are as secure as any other on-premise system. Just look into the built-in security features Office 365 brings you,

Data Encryption: You can send encrypted messages

Advanced Threat Analyst: The ATA feature can detect and alert you the suspicious activities in a straight way.

Mobile device management: This feature can protect your private company data even from mobile devices.

Backup: This prevents accidental data loss.

Using Office 365 in your organization will definitely save you a lot. The advantages are also clearly visible to you now. From an inner meeting to a business mail Office 365 will worth a lot.

Common, its time to evolve. Go find your Best Office 365 Service Provider In UAE


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