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Effective management continues to be the key priority for most organizations, as cloud adoption continues to rise globally. Managed services help organizations to modernize their IT by leveraging the expertise of seasoned professionals to deliver focused application operations to a company. Managed services is designed to handle the daily operations of specialized applications, allowing in-house IT to focus on more strategic IT programs. It also frees up resources to focus on the core competencies of the business.

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Emtech's Cloud Managed Services includes enterprise information management applications, cloud infrastructure and managed services operations.

Benefits of Managed Cloud Services
Often considered less expensive than in-house management, Cloud Managed Services provide a wide a range of business benefits, such as:

Includes cloud experts to scope implementation needs, including integrating existing systems with Information Management applications, and create a project plan with clear responsibilities and methodology.

Cloud operations:
Manages all infrastructure and operations, including platform, application, system, security, performance, availability and capacity management using ITIL best practices.

Business solution services:
Manages Information Management applications as well as providing support for customizations and integrations, application upgrades service requests and more.

Proactive support:
Detects and escalates performance and service disruptions in addition to 24x7 support. Includes a complete incident management policy.

Centralized Services and Applications:
We manage all applications and services at a centralized data center. Thus, there is scope for remote data access, increased productivity, effective resource utilization, adequate storage and backup, among other advantages.

Service Level Agreements:
Under effective Service Level Agreements (SLA), we s ensure better control across service levels and help your business gain service continuity.

Data Safety and Recovery:
Cloud managed services assure data safety and early access through timely backups and faster recovery across all cloud services and applications. Thus, the core objective of business continuity is achieved.

Quick Response Time:
Addressing an issue locally is different from doing so remotely over the network. In case of cloud managed services, we take the responsibility and ensure quick response time in case of any issue saving you valuable time and effort.

Through our cloud MSP, we can offer more options on cost savings and easing maintenance burden. Outsourcing to a cloud MSP relieves your organization from costly network maintenance, thus saving you IT maintenance burden expenses.

Timely Updates:
Depending on an in-house IT team for regular technology and software upgrades often consumes time, training and additional resources. Whereas, migrating to a cloud environment and depending on our cloud MSP keeps your data centers up to date with every possible timely technology update.

Integrated Services:
Our Cloud MSP services offer flexible solutions that match your business requirements. Some offer pay-per-usage or payment plans helping you prioritize your business spending. We also include converged solutions such as security protection and setting up a new service and network monitoring.

Service management:
Provides a Service Manager for all aspects of the cloud managed services, from project initiation and onboarding to project conclusion for streamlined communications with a single point of contact.

Our experienced team help you reduce costs and optimize performance in your existing cloud environment.

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