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Oracle on Azure

The interoperability feature of Oracle's cloud and Microsoft enables you to migrate and easily run mission-critical enterprise workloads across Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud infrastructure.

Why Is Azure A Great Cloud For Oracle?    
  • Use Oracle database standard or enterprise editions that are certified by Oracle to run on Azure.
  • COnfidently run Oracle Enterprise application son Azure by knowing that they are being supported by Oracle.
  • Receive the best-in-class and end-to-end support from Microsoft and Oracle.
  • Achieve scalability, flexibility and compliance for your business for your Oracle workloads.
  How to expand your Cloud capabilities with the help of Microsoft And Oracle?
  • Collect insights from your distributed data estate across On-Premises, Azure and Oracle on Cloud infrastructure (OCI)
  • Take complete advantage of a broad range of Azure services and start implementing AI and IoT for your business right away.
  • Built on your existing investments in Oracle and Microsoft technologies, associated skillsets, and the strategic partnerships that you have nurtured.
  • Choose from an extensive range of cloud capabilities and cross-cloud deployment models without compromising your performance, scalability and reliability requirements.

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