On Premise Solutions

When looking at an On-premise solution, you are committing to local ownership of your data, hardware and software. Everything will be thereby run on machines in your facility with no third party access. On premise data centers commonly reffered to as "On Prem" provides you with full control of your infrastructure. With an On Premise server you can get the following advantages:    
  • Physical control over your backup
  • Keeps your basic information in house, and there will be no need to approach outsiders for information.
  • Can be financially more effective for small- medium business companies.
  • No compelling reason to depend on an Internet association for access to data.
Benefits Of On-Premise Solutions: One Time Expense: For certain business models, it is much easier to specify one-time investment for Hardware. Keeping operating costs should be your main focus. Over time, On-Premise solutions may also wind up providing you cost savings. Secure Than Ever: Many highly regulated industries may have certain barriers for cloud systems, making On-Premise solutions, the only option to go ahead with. Fully Customizable: While Cloud Solutions might excite you with out-of-the-box functionalities, the On-Premise solutions provide you with completely customizable software that provides you with all the information and applications you need at your fingertips. Controlled Rollout: Cloud Solutions might offer you with instant roll out options and implementation, but all of that depends mainly on the vendor. On-Premise Solutions in your hand, you will have the complete control of when, where and how you would want to implement the changes. This way, you will be able to prioritize certain departments and arrange training schedules as well. More importantly, the decision to choose Cloud Solutions or On-Premise Solutions depends mainly upon the type of business you run. On-Premise, Solutions are your best option, if you are looking for the most stringent security protocols and complete control over your data to regulatory compliance issues.  ​ Why Emtech?            
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