Cloud Telephony for Modern Business

Cloud telephony solutions helps businesses to transform their communication experience with their customers with a single system that offers voice, chat , email and IVR support for businesses to communicate in a faster and smarter way for their customer interactions.  Leverage the Possibilities of Cloud for a Better Connected and Telephony Experience for You and Your Customers with Emtech.

It is Time to Transform Your Communication
Emtech’s cloud telephony services will surely revitalize and revolutionize your business communication all the while helping you save a lot of your investments. Hence, it is deploying cloud telephony for your business will be a strategic movement that will pay you back in more ways than one. You can now save yourself from the hassles of installing and setting up physical telephony settings in your business premise by moving all the infrastructure to cloud for better communication experience for not just you but also your customers, clients, and suppliers alike. Without the need to have any fancy hardware, our cloud telephony solutions are crafted to meet even the most demanding traffic requirements of the clients without ever letting you down. With better communication and support systems for your customers, you can now accelerate your business growth even further. This is your time to take your business communication to the next level.

Why Cloud Telephony for Your Business
The success of any business is largely dependent on their communication capabilities. Whether they communicate with customers, suppliers, employees or even other service providers, efficient and reliable communication can help create better experiences for everyone. This will surely reflect on the growth of the business. This is why cloud telephony become a crucial part of your business development strategy.

It helps bolster business productivity With better communication comes increased business productivity. When communication gaps are filled and reliable communication is ensured, there will surely be increased productivity. 

It ensures quicker, efficient communication You can utilize the possibilities brought by the cloud telephony system for more efficient communication with your clients. This will reduce the time lapse between lead acquisition and customer contact.

It provides for better customer service and support One of the major components that decide the success of a business it its customer service. With advanced and better communication technologies, it would be much easier and value-adding for businesses to support their clients whenever they need.

It can be done without much capex Unlike most physical telephony systems and technologies, cloud telephony systems are easier to install without much investments. Hence, the ROI will be higher with cloud telephony and it will change the way you interact with and support your customers.

It can help you with real-time call analytics One of the major advantages of a cloud telephony solution is that they provide real-time call analytics which will further help the business strategize its communication. It will also help devise new communication plans for better customer service and support.

Why Emtech’s Cloud Telephony Solutions?
With years of experience in the field of providing managed IT solutions to diverse clients from numerous business verticals, Emtech has established itself as one of the most sought-after and preferred IT solutions providers in the field.

Our cloud telephony solutions are exceptionally unique in its offering and composition as it offers the following support for our clients;

• On-demand scalability options
• Extensive multiple device compatibility
• Remote working capabilities and API integrations and support
• 99.99% uptime guaranteed and Lifetime storage options
• Cloud telephony suite for better communication management
• Offline mode for emergencies
• Secure your data and communication details
• Quicker and easier installations


Our expertise and experience in the field is what makes us always deliver top-notch and advanced IT support solutions to our clients. In our efforts to deliver uncompromised services to our clients of diverse statures, we are immensely helped by the following;

• Team of expert engineers and technicians
• Commitment for top-notch quality and support
• Multiple services and offerings for clients as per their needs
• Highly economical and affordable services
• Profound and timely customer service All of these differentiators help us always deliver our clients
matchless services when it comes to cloud telephony services.

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