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We help you to choose the right storage solution

From server fields to cell phones, organizations around the world have turned out to be more reliant than any time in recent memory on innovation to help developing business needs. Emtech can furnish your association with the assets you have to accumulate data and settle on choices that sway your primary concern. The present business requires the full intensity of server and capacity to guarantee that business data is handled rapidly and are promptly accessible for access at whatever point required.

Emtech gives you all that you have to guarantee that your corporate server and capacity alternatives are completely streamlined to meet your business needs. What we do is unite all the most recent advances and suggest the best mix of equipment and innovations that will guarantee that your business is running as adequately as would be prudent. Our server and capacity arrangements are intended to give you most extreme operational proficiency with the capacity to scale as per your business needs. Savvy information stockpiling to enable you to lessen overhead operational expenses. We additionally give custom-assembled situations to database servers, record servers, email servers, web servers and any virtual or commitment server arrangements to your organization needs.  We are the main server and capacity solutions specialists in UAE, we likewise give proficient specialized help and reinforcement administrations.  

Our services include
  • Server installation and management
  • Storage consolidation
  • Data protection, replication, backup and archival
  • Storage and data migration (e.g. from physical drives to cloud storage)
  • Maintenance of database, AV files, business domains
  • Sourcing of hardware and software from the most reliable brands in the world for seamless integration into your corporate network.
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Disaster recovery of data
  • Cloud storage management 
Emtech Provides inventive and imaginative administration arrangements with an emphasis on SLA's and consumer loyalty. We work in close cooperation with a wide range of clients to build up the best arrangements/administration contributions for them. We help in overseeing everyday IT Service's needs, expansive server farm, Hardware, Operating framework bolster help all under one rooftop.   We have ensured engineers give administrations including framework organization, design, triage and mistake examination and activity plans for an assortment of basic server Unix-based working frameworks including IBM AIX®, HP-UX®, MPE/iX®, OpenVMS®, Tru64®, and most forms of Solaris®.  Emtech Partners with Industry leaders including Prophet/Sun, IBM, Cisco and HP, DELL Servers, Unix-based servers, Wintel/Blade servers, ISS, EMC, STK. HITACHI and Network apparatus stockpiling and all enterprise level Servers and Storages

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The need for better storage solution for organizations is influenced by some recent changes. These changes include:

  • Capacity - The amount and type of data needing to be stored and shared is only going to continue to grow. 

  • Performance - I/O and throughput requirements have created a new focus on data storage.

  • Scalability - Digital growth is not static. It is essential to not only meet immediate needs but focus on long-term data growth and solutions that provide great flexibility.

  • Availability and Reliability - Applications need to be accessed from more than at your desk. How mission-critical are your end-user’s applications?

  • Data protection - Security is always a priority. Backup and recovery storage requirements help keep data secure.