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TITAN- Digital Workplace to improve collaboration & productivity

Simplifying Office 365

TITAN is a Digital Workplace platform (Web + App) that helps companies connect, align and engage their entire workforce across the enterprise.

TITAN unifies all communication, documents and collaboration tools on one single platform, giving employees one single dashboard for all their interactions across different stakeholders.

It gives more power to Microsoft Teams by adding key features of collaboration that teams does not offer. It is developed by Microsoft Gold-Certified-Partner having specialization in SharePoint and Office365.


Employee Intranet • Document Management System • Integrated communication • Project & Task tracking


TITAN is all about making Office365 and SharePoint look simple-to-use and quick-to-learn.
Intranet is one of the essential parts of your digital transformation. Titan offers complete functionality of an Intranet that can be launched and managed within Microsoft Teams. You can switch between your Teams and Intranet seamlessly. Home page, Department Sites, Organization Chart, Knowledge Base, Tasks, Media, Social Connect, Announcements, News and more all within your Teams.
- Multi Company

Multi company deployment on a single-tenant of office365 or SharePoint. Every company under your global organization can have its dedicated intranet site with Homepage and multiple- department sites. User can switch to other company’s intranet or just be restricted to their own intranet.

- On-Premise

Pay monthly subscription for On-premise Titan deployed on SharePoint 2013 or 2016 or 2019. Titan Can be deployed locally and is totally controlled by you. One-time perpetual licensing for large SharePoint farms is available on request. 
- Multi Lingual

Titan Support all major international language. Titan comes with an option to choose any 10 languages of your choice. A dedicated Intranet site having homepage and multiple departmental sites will be provided to every company under your global organization.

- Mobile

Modern and fully responsive design along with Mobile App, that allows user to maintain same look and feel as of desktop application thus eliminating the need of retraining. Just download Titan4work App from App store and configure it with your Office365 and SharePoint.

- On Demand

You can pay as per user per month, no matter whether you have office365 or SharePoint on premise. Titan runs on both your office365 or SharePoint and is totally under your control. You do not have to share your admin account password with us. Your Data, your security and your control remain with you with the luxury of SaaS.


- Share Documents

User will have the rights to share documents with their co-workers for review and feedbacks.

- Versioning

With versioning, you will be accessing latest version and correct file always. Though you can access all previous versions as well.

- Sharing Groups

Create your own sharing groups and share documents with just one single click.

- Co-authoring

Multiple team members can work on the same document at the same time (not available in On-Premise SharePoint).

- Document Permissions

Document level permissions can be assigned for read only or edit while sharing.

- Search

Document search using metadata or content.

- Documents shared with me

Unified view of all shared documents. No need to look around your outlook messages for shared document links.

- One Drive Integrated

Your DMS provides integrated view of all your document sources including your One Drive integration. You are no longer required to switch between various Apps to access various document sources.

- Drag & Drop

Directly drag and drop files into My Documents and can later edit the metadata of each file.

- Easy to see folder Tree

User friendly view of document path.

- Departmental Documents

Secure place to access all your departmental documents.

- Mark your documents as private

So that no one else can access and view them.


TITAN comes with a host of collaborative features having simplicity along with the ability to collaborate without the need to have a deep technical expertise. TITAN offers excellent productivity tools widely used for enterprise collaboration, content management, and searches.Your business is probably working toward adopting a digital workspace strategy to enhance collaboration between you and your co-workers. TITAN has all those features already built into it.

- Announcements
- Employee of the Month
- Sticky Notes
- Quick Links
- Events
- Media gallery
- Employee Directory
- Tasks
- Polls
- News
- Occasions
- Organization Chart
- Knowledge base
- New Initiatives
- Suggestion Box
- Discussion forums
- Social (Yammer, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)


- Unified view of project team and their roles and engagements schedule
- Define team member's rights for documents, tasks and adding members to a team
- Tasks management made easy
- Project Summary on the homepage
- Project Documents stored within Project Site
- Project progress notifications
- Easy and user-friendly view

Emtech can help you simplify your business workflow and accelerate transformation in order to achieve your business goals. Integrate your business with Titan. Get in touch with us, to get started with it. 


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