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Cloud VPN

This type of VPN utilizes a cloud-based network infrastructure to deliver VPN services accurately. This will provide end-users and subscribers with a globally accessible VPN through a cloud platform over the public internet. Cloud VPN is also referred to as a hosted VPN or virtual private network as a service (VPNaaS).

Why Is VPN The Right Solution For Protecting The Network Perimeter?

The security risk that VPN is prone to is minimal, as it allows access to specific network resources only to those users who are authorized, by encrypting data and thereby protecting users against insecure or unsafe Wi-Fi access and providing continuity of centralized unified threat management.

Top Reasons Why Cloud VPN Is The Secret Ingredient For Your Company’s Success?

Your business could gain a competitive edge with Cloud VPN Service. Virtual Private Networks, VPN is a technology that gives you complete freedom to set up a private, secure connection to another independent remote network. Today, the advantages of VPN is no longer limited to just connecting to your office’s local network, and rather it extends to many more reasons beyond, discussed below.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competition:

Using CLoud Vpn you will be easily able to monitor your competitor's international Ad campaigns and marketing efforts. You could also change your geolocation and check out what your competitors are doing to do so well in certain regions. This is not just for monitoring Ad Campaigns, you can utilize it to spy on their entire online activities.

Unrestricted Access To Online Tools, Services And Applications:

Since a VPN allows you to mask your location and browse the web, as if you were from another location of your choice, you will be able to bypass online censorship and use any apps, which actually might be disabled in your country or region. So just simply get connected to a different worldwide server of your choice and enjoy all the resources that you need for your business.

Effortless International Quality Assurance Testing:

If you were a business with a product, game or service that is distributed worldwide then,  you will have to ensure that they are functioning internationally well. With a Cloud VPN, your QA team will find it quite easy to simply change their geo-location and check the quality of your product in the international market. This is an excellent medium for your AQ team, to make sure that everything in your platform, software, service or game is functioning well.

More Effective Utilization Of Geo-Targeting:

Geotargetting is commonly used by websites to deliver specific content to users' based on their location. You can increase your conversion rate when you decide you customize your site to respond differently to users with images, currency and native language texts. By connecting to a VPN server you will not only be able to see how your competitors are making use of geo-targeting but also how your efforts are working out.

Adding On Extra Layer Of Data Security:

You could browse the web through a secure, bank-level connection with the help of VPN service. Considering the significant increase in Data Breaches today VPNs are crucial for businesses. While you may have a reliable to secure IT systemin lace, there are many reputed sites that do not use HTTPS, which means the information that is exchanged over these sites are not encrypted and could be stolen by hackers any time. With a cloud VPN, you and your dedicated users will be able yo enjoy a bank-level encrypted internet connection at all times, regardless of whether the site you are visiting is secure or not. 

Work Safely While On A Business Travel:

It is important for you to stay updated about your business even while you are travelling, and accessing public Wifi is quite common as well. Over public Wifi hackers and snoopers can get access to whatever you are doing in unencrypted sites and the list of all encrypted sites that you are accessing. With a cloud VPN, you can be sure that all your company's data and sensitive financial information remains safe.

Security And Limitless Access for All BYOD Devices:

With the rise of telecommuting and personal electronic devices, many businesses have started turning to Bring Your Own Device(BYOD). For this reason, it has become a must for businesses to provide their employees with an easy to use VPN software on all their devices. They just have to connect with one click and carry out their normal activities as usual. VPN Softwares will help your employees to access the web and manage their online traffic securely, no matter where they browse from. Additionally, they will get unrestricted access to their favourite content, streaming entertainment and apps while they are actually travelling abroad for any business.

Anonymous Fraud Investigation:

For every company that is offering its services, online fraud is one potential threat. You will be able to mask your actual IP address and use an IP address provided by the VPN services with the help of a Cloud VPN. This way you will be anonymous online, not revealing your identity to anyone.  This is definitely a powerful tool that helps you and your employees to conceal your online identities and spy on frauds who are trying to steal your data.

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