Azure Backup

Why Azure Backup?
The Azure Backup service provides simple, secure, and cost-effective solutions to back up your data and recover it from the Microsoft Azure cloud. Azure Backup delivers these key benefits:    

  1. Offload on-premises backup Azure Backup offers a simple solution for backing up your on-premises resources to the cloud. Get short and long-term backup without the need to deploy complex on-premises backup solutions.  

  2. Back up Azure IaaS VMs Azure Backup provides independent and isolated backups to guard against accidental destruction of original data. Backups are stored in a Recovery Services vault with built-in management of recovery points. Configuration and scalability are simple, backups are optimized, and you can easily restore as needed.  

  3. Scale easily Azure Backup uses the underlying power and unlimited scale of the Azure cloud to deliver high-availability with no maintenance or monitoring overhead. 

  4. Get unlimited data transfer Azure Backup doesn't limit the amount of inbound or outbound data you transfer, or charge for the data that is transferred. Outbound data refers to data transferred from a Recovery Services vault during a restore operation. If you perform an offline initial backup using the Azure Import/Export service to import large amounts of data, there's a cost associated with inbound data. Azure Backup provides solutions for securing data in transit and at rest.  

  5. Centralized monitoring and management Azure Backup provides built-in monitoring and alerting capabilities in a Recovery Services vault. These capabilities are available without any additional management infrastructure. You can also increase the scale of your monitoring and reporting by using Azure Monitor.  

  6. Get app-consistent backup An application-consistent backup means a recovery point has all required data to restore the backup copy. Azure Backup provides application-consistent backups, which ensure additional fixes aren't required to restore the data. Restoring application-consistent data reduces the restoration time, allowing you to quickly return to a running state.  

  7. Retain short and long-term data: You can use Recovery Services vaults for short-term and long-term data retention. Automatic storage management environments often require heterogeneous storage - some on-premises and some in the cloud. With Azure Backup, there's no cost for using on-premises storage devices. Azure Backup automatically allocates and manages backup storage, and it uses a pay-as-you-use model. So you only pay for the storage you consume. Learn more about pricing.  

  8. Multiple storage options Azure Backup offers two types of replication to keep your storage/data highly available. Locally redundant storage (LRS) replicates your data three times (it creates three copies of your data) in a storage scale unit in a datacenter. All copies of the data exist within the same region. LRS is a low-cost option for protecting your data from local hardware failures. Geo-redundant storage (GRS) is the default and recommended replication option. GRS replicates your data to a secondary region (hundreds of miles away from the primary location of the source data). GRS costs more than LRS, but GRS provides a higher level of durability for your data, even if there's a regional outage. 

  9. Go Azure and rest assured.  We help you implement Azure cloud solutions which work as a single solution offering services like Infrastructure-as-a-service, Platform-as-a-service, backup and restore services for window servers, and cloud data backups. We  guide your Azure cloud migration journey. If your business plans for migration towards the cloud solutions, our solutions experts can help you in utilizing this ever-expanding cloud solutions service which helps your organization meet its business objectives. Engage us in building, managing, deploying and supporting cloud applications and services with your preferred tools and frameworks.

The Azure integrated cloud services help you minimize the risks of data breaches, data loss and ransomware attacks with one broader data protection service for your organization. Get your business data backed up and running in minutes with Azure cloud data backup solutions in case of any disaster happening. Engage Emtech to Empower your Business.Certified Microsoft specialists to help you streamline your cloud solution based on the assessment of your application portfolio, cost structure, and business objective.    


  1. 24/7 Support seamless support after implementation.
  2. Monthly performance reports and metrics.
  3. Periodic solutions advisory and best practices consultation.
  4. We provide L3 level engineer support and backend co-ordination with OEM vendor in platform issues and bugs.
  5. Gold Partner level of certification with Microsoft.
  6. Provides implementation support.

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