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Have an Active Directory infrastructure?

Want to manage and leverage the same better? Our single sign-on Active Directory services will help you do that. And much more. With a single identity to remember and use, single sign-on active directory services can make the users life a lot easier. What makes single sign-on active directory services different from the rest of the services, the ease of its use and scalability that we offer. Our team will help you choose the most suitable plan and appropriate method for single sign-on while configuring the systems and applications for your business.

Advantages of Single Sign-on

The advantages of single sign-on are multitude. Let’s take a look at them. With single sign-on, users can get access to a variety of applications, systems, domain-shared devices, web applications, SaaS applications and other organizational resources without having to use individual access credentials for each of these resources. A single sign-on option will also provide the users with the opportunity to manage multiple application in their active directory as well. In addition to this, single sign-on will make the life of administrators even easier with centralized user accountment management. This will also empower them with the option to remove or grant access to various applications to users with group membership.

On the other hand, when you do not have a single sign-on option, you will need to access individual application one by one. Whenever a new user is accommodated into the ecosystem, numerous accounts have to be created for each of the applications, platforms, IT resources and other web applications to give them full access. This will make them use a lot of time to access these programs as well as need them to remember numerous passwords that can be very hard for employees. Hence, it is highly advised that businesses take advantage of single sign-on, not only to make it easier for employees and admins to access all of the resources but also to bolster the operational efficiency of the company. As per the requirements of the business and their IT ecosystem, they can use SAML, Password-Based, Disabled, Linked, Oauth or OpenID Connect as their preferred single sign-on method. At Emtech, we have everything you need to support your business.  

Why Single Sign on Active Directory is the Best?
As the go-to destination for all IT-related services, Emtech has carved a unique stature for its services and support over the years. The delighted and long list of clients that we have developed during our legacy is still the greatest asset we have. In addition to our commitment to offer impeccable services just as the clients need, we have been immensely succored by the following service propositions that we have inculcated into our service deliverance.

These unique service traits are given below; With our matchless experience and expertise, we can certainly cater to all of your diverse requirements when it comes to single sign-on services. With a pre-vetted team of skilled and qualified professionals, none of your requirements will be left without being met and delivered on As per the requirements of the clients we always offer customized services for each client to ensure that they get exactly what they need. Having delivered numerous projects for various clients on single sign-on, we have made our services highly economical and affordable We understand that diverse clients need diverse plans and treatments and hence we have made multiple services available for different clients as per their business scope.

At Emtech, the concerns of all the clients are taken care of by an excellent customer service team of trained and affable professionals that work 24X7. In our efforts to create a singular client-centric approach with each project that we undertake, we have been considerably helped by all of these service qualities. Hence, maximum value and customer support are always valued by us.  


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