Virtual Machine Backup

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Virtual Machine Backup

Virtual machines are used frequently, critical information stored in their disk files constantly changes. As with physical machines, virtual machine data needs to be backed up periodically to prevent its corruption and loss due to human or technical errors. The virtual machine data you back up includes virtual disks, Raw Device Mappings (RDM), configuration files, and so on. When you perform a backup, the following three components of backup software are generally involved in the process that is backup client, backup server and scheduler. VM is not locally hosted on the computer itself; instead, all the data and files used within the VM are accessed over a network like the internet. This model allows businesses to replicate or backup entire VMs at a time. VM Backup is designed to give you the reliability and performance you need, without hassle or complexity, so you can deliver value to your organization immediately and consistently.

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Benefits of Virtual Machine Backups

The recovery/failover process is made much easier since virtual machines can be backed up one VM at a time where businesses not only can seamlessly failover to VMs, but can restore those VM’s quickly and efficiently, making file and application access simple. This can help reduce downtime in the face of error or disaster. IT professional can even focus on other core competency projects as user can utilize certain applications within the VM without having to provision it on their local computers.


Acronis provides effortless protection of all your data and devices for business and resell. Acronis virtual backup solutions are powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine which is specifically designed to provide the best protection of your virtual environment. Acronis saves you time when backing up and offers fast access when you need your files. Acronis Cloud meets that challenge by delivering cyber protection at every turn. There is no limit to the number of file versions stored and how long you can store file versions in Acronis. With Acronis, you can have automatic and manual backups to both the cloud and local destinations, and you can remotely manage backup plans through a central dashboard.


Veeam Backup delivers availability for all cloud, virtual and physical workloads. Veeam solution is highly performant and provides differential backups that are deduplicated. Through a single platform and management console, you will get simple, flexible, and reliable backup, recovery, and replication of all your applications and data to eliminate expensive, complicated legacy backup solutions forever. Veeam is fast, reliable, application‑aware, image‑based backups. It has unlimited capacity and cost savings for long‑term data retention on object storage. Veeam has built‑in intelligence to identify and help resolve common misconfigurations and backup problems.

Emtech provides an extremely efficient, secure, compliant, scalable, and resilient way to store your backup data. Emtech represents a top-notch solution provider for backing up your virtual environment with ease. Emtech can design, implement, and test a backup and recovery process that rapidly and reliably enables your business to recover lost data and resume operations.

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