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DNS Security

DNS Security is the technology used to protect information on the Domain Name System (DNS). It provides authentication for the origin of the DNS data, helping to safeguard against attacks and protect data integrity. There is no doubt that changing web traffic can be a serious problem for businesses to secure DNS that depend on the internet to communicate and transfer data. With more Software-as-a-Service getting acceptance in the business world, the need for a secured web gateway has been on the rise as well. Since the internet and its possibilities have begun to also impact the productivity and performance of the business, it has become extremely important for businesses to use the internet. This has certainly created a need for businesses to have access to secured web gateway services that can ward of any challenges that might otherwise impact the business in more ways than one. As the attack techniques employed by malicious hackers are evolving, security countermeasures must also keep up. Stop malware with secure DNS protection before it enters your network.

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Benefits of DNS Security Solution

Many enterprises are often vulnerable to DNS server security risks as they only use a couple of DNS servers. As a result, this may leave them incapable of protecting against volumetric attacks, whereby large amounts of traffic to a website may cause servers to crash, preventing users from finding the website. Having a DNS Security will help keep your website up and running and gives you a detailed overview of all assets on your clients. DNS Security prevent DNS forgery and manipulation.

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Darklayer GUARD has significantly faster response time and lower operating system footprint. DarkLayer Guard for Perimeter stop threats at the perimeter-level with the network prevention, detection, and response tool and experience complete DNS protection and blocking. It spots even hidden threats using AI and log all your network traffic. DarkLayer Guard for Endpoints hunt, prevent, detect, and block threats at the Endpoint-level with the most advanced DNS filtering tool using next-gen traffic telemetry. It detects DNS hijacking and stop exploits, ransomware, data leaks, and more.

Emtech brings an impeccably efficient, smart web gateway service for businesses that depend on web traffic. Integrated secure web gateway provides you with every feature that you want with a gateway and more. Having chiseled a unique image for our secured web gateway services for our clients, Emtech has always been the most preferred alternative for businesses that want advanced and economic IT solutions to enhance their business efficiency and performance. Our commitment and dedicated efforts to support our clients have always helped us become a notch ahead of our clients.

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