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SAP on Azure

Empower Your Business To Do More, On A Global Scale: 

Migration of SAP systems to Microsoft'sAzure cloud platform is referred to as SAP on Azure. This helps companies to accelerate digital transformation by a strategic partnership between  SAP and Microsoft. It has been seen recently that enterprises easily go ahead adopting cloud for their non-critical applications while they have been thinking too hard for migrating mission-critical SAP applications. Azure cloud is all about the need for speed, scalability, automation, innovation and time-to-value. Today, the cloud is no more just a deployment option and has become an enabler of expanded capabilities.

What Are The Business Benefits Of Migrating Your SAP To  The Azure Cloud:    
  • Optimize Cost Efficiencies:  
Move from a CapEx to an OPEX cost methodology and drive down your cost through pay as you go pricing models for both managed services and cloud consumption.    
  • Agility To Prepare For The Future:
Imagine how cool it is going to be to have an IT infrastructure that can flex with seasonal business requirements and achieve greater agility with Azure Virtual machines.    
  • Scale While Reducing Risk :
You can safeguard your SAP platform against unforeseen events with the cutting edge proven technology of Azure. When your ERP system is hosted on Azure, then high availability options are always open for you.    
  • Gain Valuable Business Intelligence:
Accelerate your business with actionable data on your SAP systems that will improve decision making.  

Are You Ready To Migrate  SAP To Azure?

If your business already has an inhouse SAP solution, then migrating to Azure is the next logical business step for you to adopt in bringing the competative edge one to your business. Eventhough there is a great support provided in the collaboration of SAP and Microsoft for succesful migration, it could be a tricky process to head without proper support. Let Emtech Computers ensure you that your migration is as flawless as possible. We can help you with Migration, testing, fixing and Re-testing.  
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