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Are you looking to create impeccable and value-adding visualization solutions for your clients for every requirement they have? You have come to the right place—Emtech has pioneered the remote destock services for its clients through exceptional service and client support for years. With our micrsoft remote desktop services, now it is possible for your end-users and clients to;

  1. Individual virtualized applications
  2. Highly secure and safe remote desktop and mobile access
  3. Run desktops and applications right from the cloud with uncompromised quality systems and offerings

Emtech makes the remote desktop services exactly as you want for your business in every way possible. That’s why our remote desktop services are highly preferred by our clients who keep coming back for more.  


How can we help you with remote desktop services?
With Emtech’s remote desktop services, you are rendered with remarkable extensibility, cost-efficiency and flexibility when it comes to deployment. This will not only make your performance better, but also considerably impact your investments positively for better ROIs. What makes remote desktop service unique in its own value is the ability to scale and flex them as per your preferences and the cloud environment that you use. Depending on the same, you can either set RDS as; Session-based virtualization Virtual desktop infrastructure Or, the combination of the two as you need.

Session-based Virtualization: As the name implies, here the activities are session-based for the user. This is extremely suitable for clients who want support with managing their everyday workloads economically.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: With the VDI option, you will be endowed with the ease of use, application compatibility and exceptional performance that you expect from a client-centric desktop system. Further, both of these environments provide you unrestrained flexibility as to what you can publish to the end-users.

Desktops Support: Through the desktop support, you can offer your user with unlimited opportunity to use the desktop and the installed applications for them as they choose. This will provide your client the flexibility and scalability they need to use the same as their primary workstations.

Remote App Support: You can deploy various applications and programs installed on virtual machines to appear as though they are installed on the desktop of the user. This will endow the users with the ability to use the application like a local one giving them ample opportunities to scale the same for their needs.



Over the years, Emtech has become one of the leading IT and ITeS solutions provider for some the leading technology service providers in the market. We have not only met their IT services requirements but also prepared the same for their imminent growth in the future.  This has helped us create an exceptional stature for us and our service options for the clients. In a nutshell, we take care of our clients in every possible way.

The following pillars of our service offerings have always aided our approach to be highly value-adding and client-centric;

Economy: When you access our services at Emtech, we work to offer you the same at economical rates. Our team understands that diverse companies with different scope of business need our service. Hence, maximum value for investments is guaranteed.

Personalized: At Emtech, each client is treated as a unique entity that needs unique support and service solutions. Hence, all our services are highly customized and personalized for them to take maximum advantage of.

Expertise: We have been in the industry for quite sometime and we have experienced its growth and change. Hence, we not just bring you the service you need, but we also bring our extensive insights and domain expertise for you.

Customer service: We know that our commitment to our clients is just getting started when you associate with us. Helping you address all your challenges and create a beneficial system; our customer support desk is always up and alive for you.All of these traits ensure that no matter what the requirements of the clients are, we have got them covered. We always go the extra mile to render the kind of services and support that they would love.

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