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DNS Security Services
Smart and Robust Secured DNS Security for Businesses There is no doubt that changing web traffic can be a serious problem for businesses that depend on internet to communicate and transfer data. With more Software-as-a-Service getting acceptance in the business world, the need for secured web gateway has been on the rise as well. Since internet and its possibilities have begun to also impact the productivity and performance of business, it has become extremely important for businesses to use internet.

This has certainly created a need for businesses to have access to secured web gateway services that can ward of any challenges that might otherwise impact the business in more ways than one. Having realized this, Emtech brings an impeccably efficient, cloud-based and smart web gateway service for businesses that depend on web traffic.

How can Emtech Help You Choose Right DNS Security Solution?
Integrated secure web gateway provides you with every feature that you want with a gateway and more;  

  1. Comprehensive visibility of traffic in and out of your system
  2. State of the art malware protection and anti-virus capabilities
  3. Granular application controls and management
  4. Sandboxing and decryption
  5. Content control as per your business content display policy
  6. An excellent, intuitive and easy-to-use interface

In addition to all of these benefits, our secure web gateway will also provide you with the additional service guarantees such as;

Scalability: As per your business and usage requirements, you can scale the service for better ROI. You can scale up and down the service to ensure that you have full control over the same.

Flexibility: While many secure web gateways can bring the problem of rigidity, our secure web gateway services are highly flexible. No matter what your needs are, our system will fit to your needs being highly flexible.

Easy Management: Another aspect of our secure web gateway system is that it is really easy to manage. With an intuitive user panel, you can take advantage of the full facility and possibility of our secure web gateway for optimum value.



What Makes Emtech One of the Best in the Market?
Having chiseled a unique image for our secured web gateway services for our clients, Emtech has always been the most preferred alternative for businesses that want advanced and economic IT solutions to enhance their business efficiency and performance. While our commitment and dedicated efforts to support our clients have always helped us become a notch ahead of our clients, the following features of our service offerings have also helped us greatly. They are as follows;

Our Expertise and Experience in the Field: We have been servicing a plethora of businesses for years now. This has helped us know the industry all too well and create offers that work for the clients.

Personalized Service Packages for Clients: Each client has different pain points and expectations. At Emtech, we strive to solve individual issues through personalized aids and programs that help them drive optimum value.

Highest Quality Standards and Global Benchmarks: Quality is the most important aspect that we take care of while working for client. With multi-stages quality policy, we always keep the services uncompromised.

A Team of Qualified, Experienced and Trained Professionals: We have built a team of qualified and experienced professionals that know what they do. In addition, our team is trained constantly in every change takes place in the industry.

Highly Economical Services to All Types of Clients: As we cater to varying needs of clients big and small, we have kept our services always affordable and economical. This has ensured that even the smallest of our clients gets the best value for their investments.

24x7 Customer Services for Comprehensive Support: Our relations with our clients begin right from the moment we connect. Hence, we always offer unrivaled customer support before, during and after our service deliverance.

All of these qualities are tethered together to construe a singular client approach with every IT solution that we offer. Hence, our services can endow the clients with maximum ROI and better performance for the business.

Ensure that Your Business is Ahead of the Competition Talk to Our Secure Web SecurityTeam to Create an Intelligent Protection Plan for Your Busienss Today.!

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