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Cloud Managed Email Security
It’s time to ensure 360-degree protection for your emails, right off the bat with Emtech’s Cloud Managed Email Security. Deployed to take care all kinds of threats and challenges that might impact your email, Emtech’s cloud email security is deployed from the cloud from effective management and utilization. Our cloud managed email security guarantees everything you need to protect your business email from threats such as malwares, imposter mails, phishing and business email compromise. With an impeccable system to understand unwanted emails and that contain threats, Emtech’s cloud managed email security is everything you need to ensure that your business email protected and safe.  


How can Emtech’s Cloud Managed Security Help You?
Emtech has been known to offer some of the most advanced and client-centric solutions for our clients for decades now. Without having to rely on hardware installation, you can now keep all your emails safe and protected. And, give your 100% in managing the business and growing it. Our cloud managed email security features include the following;

Protection from viruses: With Emtech’s cloud managed email security is featured with an advanced virus protection that will ensure comprehensive protection of your mails and servers from any and all virus attacks.

Cloud-managed spam filter: Our cloud managed email protection also comes with a cloud-managed spam filter that will identify suspicious packets and quarantine the same for increased spam protection and response.

Email spooling: Emails can sometimes bounce off due to unavailability of servers. It can impact your business negatively as well. In order to avoid this, we ensure an impeccable spooling solution to enable your business receive emails unfailingly.

Outbound email filtering: It is important for a business to not just receive mails securely but to send the mails securely, as well. Hence, every traffic that goes out of your email service is thoroughly scanned to ensure that they are delivered securely.

Comprehensive protection: Our cloud-managed solution offers comprehensive protection that veils your email servers, outbound and inbound mail traffic, content shared through emails and the same is protected and safeguarded against all threats.

Content compliance: The content shared through your mail servers as part of the email is scanned to ensure that they comply with your content policies. Hence, based on the same, the system decided whether or not to display the content. All of these features make sure that you have the best and most comprehensive cloud managed email security service.


Why choose Emtech?

Quality Offerings: Quality has always been our priority on par with our clients. We have an extensive quality assurance policy that offers matchless quality to our clients. You will be endowed with services with extensive quality assurances as per global benchmarks.

Client-Centric Plans: Regardless of the scope and size of your operations, Emtech has been creating bespoke and individual cloud managed email security services for all our clients. Hence, no matter what kind of business you are, we have the apt service for you.

Team of Expert Administrators: At Emtech, we have always utilized the best talent in the industry to support our clients. With our cloud managed email security too, we have the best engineers and technicians available to render the clients with the best services.

Economic Solutions: As we cater to multinational companies to startups that are on the verge of growth, we have always made our service offerings affordable and economical to the clients seeking our services. Maximum value for investments in our guarantee

Customer Support: We bring round the clock customer service for each and everyone of our clients to make sure that they are constantly helped whenever they need our support. As we have a team of experienced and affable agents for your help, all your needs will be addressed right away. We leverage each of these traits to ensure that the clients get the best service from us and drive maximum value for their investments, at all times.  

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