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Load Balancer

This is a technique of distributing incoming network traffic and workload across multiple servers that comprises a server pool and increase efficiency and downtime. Numerous businesses are turning to use Load Balancing because of the numerous benefits that they actually provide with. Few benefits that they provide you with are:  
  • Increased Scalability
  • Redundancy
  • Reduced Downtime & Increased Performance
  • Efficiently manages failures
  • Increased Flexibility
The main aim of load balancing is to optimize the use of resources available, maximize throughput, minimize response time and avoid overload of any single resource. Instead of using a single component, load balancing makes use of multiple resources, by increasing architecture availability and reliability. Why Is Load Balancing Important? Increase Efficiency Heavy workloads reduce the efficiency of a network and by adding a load balancing solution to your network, you enable it to redistribute the workload across multiple computers or servers. Thus, allowing the computers or servers to complete the work much faster. Manage traffic flow:   Offices daily experience a high volume of incoming and outgoing traffic from communication messages to workload and this traffic if not managed can overwhelm the system and reduce its speed and efficiency. A load balancer can help manage the traffic follow by spreading the workload over multiple computers or servers. This will prevent the network from slowing down and affecting work processes. Eliminate System Failure:   A load balancer can help you can prevent the entire network from failing if a server from a server cluster fails. This process is known as redundancy. When setting up your network or upgrading your network, create server clusters using the same application. This will allow you to remove a failing server from your system effortless. It will also allow you to transfer its current workload to a functioning server without any repercussions. Update Without Downtime:  Load balancing adds flexibility to your network. Using the built-in redundancy in server clusters, you can shift workload to a set server or cluster of the server while updating the rest. This will prevent updates from effecting accessibility to data or services to clients. Why Emtech?  
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