Digital Signage

From Boosted revenue to increased recall and retention rates, many are the interesting benefits of Digital Signage. So, what exactly is the term “Digital Signage”? The usage or design of signs and symbols to communicate a specific message to any target group is referred to as Signage. Digital Signage is a subsection of Signage and this approach uses modern technologies like LED, LCD and Projection to communicate on TV screens and monitors. This content will include images, videos or any other streaming information. If you are a professional digital communicator or manager, then you need to explore and start trying out the various new opportunities that Digital Signage offers you with. Discover the real benefits of using Digital Signage technology with Emtech Computers. Brand building, advertising and delivering important information about your company’s service or products via high-resolution graphics and videos is possible with the electronic display platform called Digital Signage.    Top Industries That Are Perfect Examples of Digital Signage in Action Are :      
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Hotel & Hospitality
  • Malls & Retail 
  • Quick Service Restaurants
Digital Signage offers a far more convenient and smooth solution to switch to new menus, including the latest offers and services and make your online presence more impressive as possible.   Clothing Retailers:   Digital displays can be used to commercialize your brand by displaying real-life scenarios associated with your brand. You can hence, boost your customer engagement and showcase your special offers to your target audience with ease.   Tech Boutiques:  This is one most vital areas of Digital Signage application, as the store will be dealing with the latest trending gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops or other high-tech devices. So, using a digital display, for showcasing your product or services, will undoubtedly be an additional benefit for you to attract your customers.   Health Care Facilities: For this sector, Digital Signage can be more useful to provide quick and easily accessible ready to use information, rather than for marketing tool.   Some of the key advantages that you should never miss out about this platform, for your business are:      
  • Attractive Displays for Grabbing Attention
  • Cost-Effective Marketing & Creative Creation
  • Super Interactive
  • Increased Sales Breakthrough
  • Quick iteration and testing of Marketing Tactics
  • Reduced Administrative Cost
  • Minimized Wait Time
  • Increase Employee Efficiency
  • Deliver critical information accurately and efficiently.
  • Improved company visibility.
  • Build an enhanced relationship between customers and vendors. 
Why Should You Bring Digital Signage into Your Store?  This will let you open a new arena of many opportunities to promote your products and services to reach out to your potential customers and hence, this would help to contribute to enhancing your customer experience. Surveys show that Digital Signage installations are increasing by 40% every year, with Retail heading the industry with about 25% of sales. So, just get started and experience the magic of Digital Signage for your business!. Why Emtech?          
  • More than two decades of service excellence in the U.A.E
  • Virtual Assistant provides quick support to all AMC customers
  • Named engineers provide expert support remotely and onsite
  • Certified and experienced support engineers
  • Affiliated to all major global OEMs
  • Well defined escalation matrix
  • Dedicated account managers
  • 24/7 on-site critical support
  • Online ticketing system
  • Knowledge sessions.

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