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Cloud Computing Security

Cloud Security Services Undoubtedly, today’s IT infrastructures and assets face threats—known and unknown. As a result, businesses shell out huge amounts of money to protect their assets and invaluable customer data on the cloud from the wrong hands. Hence, businesses need to leverage the protective and dynamic security support and measures offered by leading cloud security providers like Emtech. That’s right. With Emtech, you can adopt an all-inclusive, intelligent and scalable cloud security strategy that can offer the kind of security measures you need bespoke to your business. More than delivering you with a few security services and techniques, Emtech will support all the across your entire IT infrastructure over years to help your organization mold a smart, one-of-a-kind and effective cloud security culture. Our comprehensive and client-specific cloud security strategy includes the following elements to offer the best cloud security services in the town for your business. Advanced Technical Measures: These include integrating and interfacing a variety of advanced and exceptionally value-adding software and hardware assets in place to offer incessant protection to the data across cloud, network and end-point. Wide Organizational Measures: These measures ensure that the staff of the organization is rendered with the duties of ensuring the security of the data they deal with in every transaction they carry out across diverse departments. Adequate Human Measures: Here, we empower the human resource of the organization about a variety of effective, imperative and constant awareness of various information security practices to avoid any weaknesses while dealing with information and data. Constant Physical Measures: These measures suggest effective and foolproof access controls systems and technologies installed across the organization to have profound control over who accesses diverse office locations, data centers and mostly server rooms. How Can Emtech’s Cloud Security Services Help You? Having worked on a variety of cloud security projects providing our clients with extensive and suitable cloud security services, we can help you build a rather sturdy, effective and company-wide security culture that can assure constant security to your data and IT assets. We can help you our insights and expertise to; Create a Strong Cloud Security Foundation: Having an exceptional security foundation upon which you can build your security measures is really important for any business. In today’s world where a security threat is just a matter of when, reviewing your existing security tools, measures, workloads, infrastructure and workloads is important to understand vulnerabilities, improvement areas, and offer effective recommendation with respect to procedures and technical infrastructures. Manage All Cloud Risks: Before getting into the nuances of cloud security, one must understand the status quo and hence a business needs to identify the security compliance needs. Hence, we can render you the support you need to carry out risk assessment strategies by CIS, CSA and needed cloud-security checklists and understand and manage risks that might arise. Also learn about the potential vulnerabilities across cloud assets such as security technologies, containers, databases, storage, networks, server-less computing and boundaries. Engineer Cloud Security: At Emtech, we work closely with the business understanding the nature of their business, its operational extent and shortcomings to engineer a bespoke and robust cloud security system that can meet all of their needs and requirements right off the bat. Since security has to go deeper into every technology, infrastructure and networks as well as technology assets that a business offers, we offer the most effective cloud security support. Protect Cloud Data and Privacy: With our support, you can create a deep and comprehensive framework for cloud security and protection and establish the required guidelines and data security processes to ensure constant and uncompromised cloud security. Our cloud security experts will support you create thorough technology selection and implementation instructions to enable bucket and blobs security. Why is Emtech the Best for Cloud Security Services? With years’ of experience and domain expertise, Emtech has been supporting our clients create excellent and remarkable cloud security measures and systems as they need. Emtech offers the following comprehensive support which makes us the best in the market;
  • Bespoke Cloud Security Services as per Your Strengths and Shortcomings
  • Comprehensive and Proactive Assessment and Analysis
  • Shields from both Internal and External Threats
  • Swifter Detection, Intelligent Response and Adept Remediation
  • Cost Effective Data Protection and Cloud Security 
Bring Emtech’s Advanced Cloud Security Services to Your Business, Now Each cloud security service support that we offer is rendered by highly experienced and equally qualified professionals who have years’ of experience in working with leading business groups and international organizations. In order to offer you the most effective support with cloud security services, we combine machine intelligent with human insights and wisdom to create the most suitable and reliable security measures and protocols to not only ward off security threats but also remedy any breaches proactively. As we tailor our support and cloud security system to the exact requirements of the clients, we have been preferred and highly sought-after by businesses of all shapes and operational scope. Website and Spam Filtering: Some firewalls have a website filter built into them. They allow you to block websites based on categories and/or individual website names. Firewalls can also perform SPAM filtering duties and inspect the traffic coming through your email and confirm that it is safe to pass through. Antivirus Scanner: Firewalls can also have a built-in antivirus scanner built into them. They can scan web pages, files, and links to stop viruses from entering the network and creating problems for the end user. If you already have a separate antivirus program, you may not need this feature. Inspect Encrypted Traffic: Firewalls can also have features for inspecting SSL encrypted traffic. These firewalls play man-in-the-middle. It captures the encrypted traffic as it comes into the network, decrypts it using an SSL certificate, reads it to be sure it is what it says it is, re-encrypts it using the same SSL certificate and sends it back out. Cyber attackers frequently use encrypted traffic to avoid detection when sending malware, so being able to inspect encrypted traffic is becoming much more of a "need to have" feature than a "nice to have" feature. Sandboxing: The latest firewall innovation is using a process called sandboxing to prevent access to malicious content. When a user clicks on a link, the firewall puts a warning to the end user, sends the link to a service that opens the file in a virtual environment and monitors it. If the file or link turns out to be malicious, it sends word back to the firewall, blocks the file, and stops it from being downloaded. Firewall as a Service: Some IT companies (including PTG) are starting to offer Firewall-as-a-Service options. These will vary by company but all typically include monthly payments (rather than one, large upfront fee) for a firewall with real-time monitoring and updates. This is typically a better option for companies who don't have the resources to keep a firewall updated all the time or don't want to pay the large, up-front cost for a business-grade firewall.The wireless router that you bought at the big box store doesn’t necessarily count as a full-fledged firewall. Firewalls need to come from a reputable company with support and real-world security features to keep you and your data protected. Just as important is keeping your firewall up to date – if it doesn't have the latest definitions, it's not doing much to protect you. If you're still not sure which firewall is right for you, please reach out and we can help you find the appropriate option.   Advanced Email Security: Next gen email security provides cutting-edge prevention of APTs, phishing, malware, impersonation and BEC attacks with the speed, scale and agility of the cloud. Email security solution against APTs, phishing, malware, BEC, impersonation attacks and spam. Next gen detection engines prevent malicious files, URLs and social-engineering based techniques. In addition to blocking the everyday attack techniques, cloud email security is uniquely capable of preventing the most difficult to detect threats including: With Emtech, you can protect your cloud and business now. Want Answers? Talk to Our Cloud Security Experts  
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