Azure Site Recovery

What does Azure Site Recovery do?
Site Recovery contributes to your business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy, by orchestrating and automating replication of Azure VMs between regions, on-premises virtual machines and physical servers to Azure, and on-premises machines to a secondary datacenter. Azure Site Recovery is the best way to keep your business get going even at times of major IT outbreaks. Ease of deployment, cost-effectiveness, dependability and ease of deployment are some of the excellent benefits that you could get out of this solution. You could help to keep your applications running during planned and unplanned outages through Azure Site Recovery Solution’s features of deploying replication, failover and accessible site recovery solutions.   

Why Should You Go For It?
As a business organization, you should adopt a business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy that ensures that your data is safe and that your apps and workloads are always up and running, at times of all planned and unplanned outages that occur.   

Simple To Deploy And Manage
Azure Site Recovery is set up by replicating Azure VM to a different Azure region directly from the Azure portal. As this is a fully integrated offering, Site Recovery is automatically updated with new Azure features, as they are being released. By sequencing the order of Multi-tier applications that are running on multiple virtual machines, you will be able to minimize recovery issues. This way, you will be able to keep your applications available during outages with Automatic Recovery from On-Premises to Azure and Azure to another Azure region as well. This is indeed the best way to ensure compliance by testing your disaster recovery plan without impacting production workloads or end-users.       

Reduce Your Infrastructure Cost
This solution works the best out for you, as it helps you to reduce your cost of deploying, monitoring, patching and maintaining your on-premises disaster recovery infrastructure. This is done, as the solution will help you to avoid the extra cost needed for building and maintaining a costly secondary data centre. With this solution on place, you will only have to pay for the compute resources that are needed for your applications on Azure.     

Minimize Downtime And Dependable Recovery
You can easily comply with standard industry regulations like ISO 27001 by enabling Site Recovery between separate Azure regions. You will have the complete potential to scale your coverage to as many business-critical applications as you need, backed by Azure's service availability and support. With Azure Site Recovery you will be able to perfectly restore your most recent data quickly.
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