RPO, RTO 15 minutes for all Applications & Data with Veeam Availability suite V9.

Award winning backup and replication combined into a single solution for making your data always available. Powerful, easy, affordable, data protection and availability suite for small business to large enterprise. Veeam backup and replication solution provides clients with a secure data and availability at all times which is critical for any organization. Our expertise in design and implementation of comprehensive data services gives clients better control over data through industry best practice. The Data protection and disaster recovery solution helps you to back up, replicate, verify and perform instant recovery of your business critical information at any time. No more worries , your business data is protected.

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  • Stop Hacking Before It Starts: EMTECH employs the best data protection services that use advancements in data protection technology with a focus on advanced hacking techniques. Stored data is at risk when left unprotected. Companies wanting to provide confidential and other data benefit from a solution that accounts for hacking.
  • Limit Inconvenience: Cut out inconvenience of forgotten passwords and lost files by having a data protection service that maintains up-time.
  • Data Protection All The Time: We know you want your data protected all the time. EMTECH’s backup solution automatically updates with every data change making sure your end-users have what they need every time with no fear of loss data.
  • System Rollbacks: By capturing regular snapshots of data our data protection solutions make it easy for the system to roll back to erase any data corruption.
  • Complete Protection: Clients know that they are receiving comprehensive protection for all their data. Our backup solutions also provide protection for mobile user data. 

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